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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Order of the Arrow Website focuses mainly on national programs and publications, not on local lodge events or operations. If you have questions about the Order of the Arrow, you should first try to get an answer locally from your own lodge or chapter chief or adviser. If you do not know who they are, you can use the lodge locator tool to find out. Many questions we receive (about such concerns as lodge dues, unit election deadlines, conclave dates, lodge newsletter mailings, and so on) can only be answered by the specific local lodge involved, so we can't help you with them.

For national-related questions, you should first look in the various publications of the OA and the National Bulletin. General questions and answers are listed below. Specific questions are addressed in the Ask the Chairman feature. This Ask the Chairman question and answer should answer questions from past Arrowman looking for membership renewal and records.

Common Questions

What if my question wasn't answered above?

If your questions are not answered in the above publications and resources, you should next try to get an answer locally from your own lodge chief or adviser, chapter chief or adviser, or the lodge staff adviser.

If you are unable to find an answer from these sources, you may send your question to @email. Because this site is operated by volunteers, under the authority of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, it may take several weeks to respond to your question, so please be patient. Due to the volume of email received, we may not be able to respond directly to every question sent to us.

Policy questions that need an immediate response should be directed to the National Order of the Arrow Office by phone at 972-580-2438.


Please do not send emails asking when an expected mailing will go out from the National OA Office. The mailing schedule is controlled by the national office, not the website team.