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Q/A: How to verify old membership

Q: I was inducted around 1962 and then became a Brotherhood member while in a Scout troop. I am now interested in Scouting with my son, and would like to know how to verify my membership in the OA.

A: There are no Order of the Arrow membership records maintained at the national level. There is also no national policy on how long local lodges and councils should maintain old membership records for the OA - some may have records that date back to 1962.

It would be worth checking with the council that services your old troop to see if they have any records of your membership. If not, your current council's lodge probably would accept an old OA membership card or certificate as proof of your induction.

If you don't have a card and can't get a hold of the old records, try contacting your local council's lodge adviser. You will probably be able to establish membership based on the information you have and details you may remember of your Order of the Arrow experience as a youth.