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  • National Order of the Arrow Conference

    Generally, every two years, the Order of the Arrow holds a national conference (NOAC) on the campus of a major university. Our flagship national event, it is held over six days with 5,000 – 8,000 Arrowmen participating from throughout the country. The conference program includes innovative leadership development, programs, fellowship periods and inspirational shows.

    2024 NOAC Information
  • Operation Arrow

    Since the 1950’s, the Order of the Arrow has played a key role in support of the National Scout Jamboree. The Order of the Arrow is a critical component to the success of the jamboree. At past jamborees, hundreds of Operation Arrow staff members have provided thousands of hours of service in support of program and operations.

    By participating in Operation Arrow, Arrowmen will be able to help make sure all who attend the national jamboree have an incredible time. All who participate in Operation Arrow will additionally be performing cheerful service with fellow Arrowmen, further strengthening the ties of brotherhood within the OA.

    Operation Arrow Information
  • National Planning Meeting

    The National Planning Meeting is held each December to elect our national youth officers and plan our annual program of emphasis. Traditionally held in Dallas, TX, the site of the national planning meeting may also include the host university of NOAC in conference years. Invited attendees include key members of the national OA leadership, including the OA national committee key volunteers, current year national officers, and section chiefs.

    NPM Information
  • Past Events

    Some of the most exciting elements of the Order of the Arrow program are the OA's spectacular national events. These provide excitement, inspiration, fun, and lasting benefit to OA members and Scouting. Events often have a special website to display relevant information and breaking news.
    Did you miss one of our events? Curious to see what happened at past events or what they were like? Visit our archive of past national events and content.

    View OA History
  • National Calendar

    The National Calendar includes dates and locations of national and region events.

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Attending national events is a great way to deepen your understanding of the Order, build strong relationships with Arrowmen outside of your lodge, and learn best practices for program ideas.

Benefits to Arrowmen

  • Meet and interact with Arrowmen across the country.
  • Participate in some of Scouting’s largest events.
  • Discover innovative program ideas for your lodge, chapter, or unit by participating in unique programs, cutting-edge training, and inspirational gatherings for your next event, big or small!
  • Ready for college? Attend NOAC and experience residence hall living and dining. NOAC is a perfect opportunity to get a small taste of what the typical on-campus college lifestyle is like.

Benefits to Lodges

  • Expose your lodge leaders to ‘what can be’ beyond your council. Our members only can imagine from what they've seen and experienced.  Arrowmen who attend national events often imagine bigger, bolder ideas that lead to a more memorable lodge program.  
  • Motivate your lodge leaders and membership.  Lodge members returning from national events are more likely to step up and lead local events.  National events provide an unmatched level of enthusiasm that inspires Arrowmen to carry out their vision.  
  • Build relationships among your lodge leadership team. Spending time together in a positive OA environment—there’s no better way to develop your lodge’s leadership team than attending a national event.