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The Order of the Arrow Endowment Funds

The National Order of the Arrow Trust Fund was established in late 1970’s with an initial contribution of $15,000 from the sale of plastic Vigil Honor membership cards. Since then, it has grown in its significance within the Order of the Arrow. 

Overhauled in 2023, and renamed the National Order of the Arrow Endowment Funds, the OA Endowment Funds now resides within the BSA Foundation and are protected and secured by two specific agreements between the Order of the Arrow and the National Boy Scouts of America Foundation. The BSA Foundation is a not-for-profit charity exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

A gift to the Order of the Arrow can be directed to one of two Funds. The first is the Endowment Fund, which is a donor-designated restricted fund. This means that the National Order of the Arrow Committee can direct only proceeds earned on the gifts made by donors to fund OA programs and projects. The Expendable Fund, which is also a donor-directed fund, allows the Order to designate the initial gift and the earnings to further OA programs and projects. It should be noted that in the Expendable Fund, the donor is typically involved in how the funds can be used.

How Your Support Helps

Your support helps to ensure that the Order of the Arrow can continue to provide high-quality programs and services to Scouts across the country. The funds raised through the Endowment can be directed by the National Order of the Arrow Committee to support a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • Training: The Endowment can support training programs for both youth and adult leaders. This can include lodging, travel, and meetings.
  • Service Projects: The Endowment can provide funding for service projects that benefit local communities. This can include recognition items, museum initiatives and lodge grants.
  • Program Development: The Endowment may support the development of new programs and activities that help Scouts grow and develop. Things like youth travel, scholarships and events in support of the OA mission may be funded by the Endowment. 

What Your Support Goes Towards

When you make a contribution to the Order of the Arrow Endowment Fund, your support goes towards ensuring that Scouting continues to thrive in communities across America. Your donation helps to provide:

  • Opportunities: Your support helps to ensure that every Scout has access to high-quality programs and services.
  • Leadership Development: The Order of the Arrow is committed to developing strong leaders who will make a positive impact in their communities.
  • Community Service: The Order of the Arrow is dedicated to serving others and making a positive difference in our local communities and the ones we make our next adventures in.