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Momentum Launch: Everything you need to know!

Welcome to Momentum Launch

Fellow Arrowmen: it’s the week we’ve all been waiting for. It might not be happening in the place we thought it would or in the mode we expected, but we are gathering together as an Order to celebrate, to learn, to deepen our brotherhood, to serve, and to have fun.

Aug 05, 2020     OA Today
Chiefly Speaking: Redefining 2020's Impact
Brothers, It is hard to believe that we already find ourselves more than halfway through the year. This week, we are supposed to be gathered together for the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference. We may be physically distant, but we aren’t alone. This week as we come together for Momentum Launch, we all must look ahead to delivering our programs in this new normal.
Aug 05, 2020     Chiefly Thoughts
Induction Guidance to Lodges Under COVID-19 Restrictions (Virtual Inductions)
New guidelines have been issued to provide lodges in areas under COVID-19 restrictions to proceed with induction events. The objective is to build membership growth and maximize the number of completed inductions while under COVID-19 restrictions and particularly between now and December 31, 2020.
Aug 05, 2020     Announcements
Reemerging from COVID-19 Resource Portal

As our communities begin to emerge from sheltering in place and we adjust to our new “normal,” the Order of the Arrow will seek to help Lodges re-engage in their activities, support their local council, and provide cheerful service to their communities.

Goals and Objectives of this plan:

Aug 05, 2020     Announcements
Increasing Induction of Adult Unit Leaders

We’ve made some key changes to the process by which adults can be selected by the lodge adult selection committee.

Aug 05, 2020     Announcements