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Featured News


Invite National OA Leadership to Your Next Event
Do you want National OA youth leadership at your events? Learn about the process here!
Sep 26, 2023     Officer Outlook
Policy Update: New Email for Award Nomination Submissions
The National Order of the Arrow Committee has recently implemented a change in the way award nominations are submitted. Learn more about the change here!
Sep 26, 2023     Officer Outlook
Welcome Scott Lollar, the OA's New Program Assistant
Join us in welcoming our brand new Order of the Arrow National Program Assistant!
Sep 26, 2023     Officer Outlook
Unit Elections Policy Update
Sometimes, youth are prevented from joining the OA because of errors in the unit election process. See below to learn about the new unit election national policy to prevent this unfortunate outcome.
Sep 26, 2023     Officer Outlook
Supporting OA Communications in Your Area
Openings are available on the National Local Support Team to be a Local Key Communicator, where you improve your lodge or section’s communication. Any Arrowman of any age is welcome to apply! Read for more details.
Sep 26, 2023     Officer Outlook