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What to Expect in 2019

As a member of the Order of the Arrow, there is a lot to look forward to during this upcoming year. The spring will kick off with OA PhilBreak 2019, an exciting opportunity designed to provide meaningful service to Philmont in March following the forest fires of 2017. June will bring the second-ever OA Hackathon, where Arrowmen will explore the changing landscape of technology, and how it can apply to the Order of the Arrow. This year will also host a year-long initiative: Focus 2019.

Feb 13, 2019     OA Today
Wewanoma Lodge Powwow Benefits Local Camp

Each year, Wewanoma Lodge out of South Texas holds a public powwow. The event was started twenty one years ago by Troop 68 from McAllen, Texas as a way for Scouts to get the Indian Lore Merit Badge. Since then, it has grown to become an annual tradition with up to 1,500 people in attendance. Some of the powwow’s events include afternoon demonstrations on topics such as beading, animal skinning and choker necklaces. Scouts still have the opportunity to earn the Indian Lore Merit Badge, and there are special activities for any Cub Scouts in attendance.

Feb 13, 2019     OA Today
Rebuilding Camp Osborn

Cheerful service is one of the core values of the Order of the Arrow, and Withlacoochee Lodge was sure to fulfill that purpose with the service it provided to Camp Osborn following two recent natural disasters. In January 2017, during a NYLT staff development weekend, Camp Osborn was hit with an extremely powerful wind storm. Just two weeks later, it was hit again during the Withlacoochee Lodge Banquet, this time by a tornado. Following the disastrous events, Withlacoochee Lodge was ready to serve.

Feb 13, 2019     OA Today
Joint Service Project Brings Lodges Together

Last year, Pa-Hin Lodge and Naguonabe Lodge completed a joint service project as part of the Section C-1A’s Lodge Partnership Program. For this program, lodges are asked to attend each other’s events to gain a sense of community by getting to know the members of their partner lodge. The lodge leadership also gets the opportunity to see how other lodges run their own events such as induction weekends, reunions, or fellowships. This facilitates the sharing of best practices from across the section which they can implement in their own lodges.

Feb 13, 2019     OA Today
2019 Congratulatory Eagle Scout Letters

The 2019 editions of the Eagle Scout congratulatory letters are now available from the national chief and vice chief. There is also a new edition available from the national chairman. These recognition letters are a great addition to any Eagle Scout's court of honor. Instructions to download, modify and print the letters are available here.

Jan 31, 2019     Announcements