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The Order of the Arrow High Adventure Program (OAHA) allows Arrowmen to enjoy the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) national high adventure bases in a way unlike anything else. Joey Dierdorf, youth OAHA coordinator and former OA Trail Crew foreman at Philmont Scout Ranch, sheds light on what OAHA is and why you should take this opportunity to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Feb 10, 2018     Lodge Ledger
NLS Updates

The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is often regarded as one of the best youth leadership training programs available. From its inception, NLS has built confident leaders who are able to harness their creative skills and leadership personality to better their chapters, lodges, and sections. This program not only helps participants positively affect Scouting at home, but is also helps them succeed in life. Now, with a recent update in place, participants of a 2018 NLS course should be prepared for an even more exciting event.

Feb 10, 2018     Lodge Ledger
Website Redesign

Earlier this year, the national website of the Order of the Arrow (OA) experienced a complete redesign. The previous website, which was introduced in 2014, had become increasingly inadequate for fulfilling its purpose in the organization. Issues with navigation and search functionality, the need for a better mobile experience, and the 2015 branding update were all factors in the decision to redesign the website.

Feb 10, 2018     Lodge Ledger
Conclave Games

It is almost time for the spring conclave season! Arrowmen from all over your section with soon gather. Check-in will be easy, friends will be met and activities will commence for what will certainly be one of the most exciting weekends of the year. The entire weekend will be full of many different games that are interactive, exciting and worthwhile. Where did all these great game ideas come from? How does the leadership provide all these activities that keep Arrowmen entertained all weekend?

Feb 06, 2018     Lodge Ledger
New Jersey State Police Camporee

Every three years, Scouts from across the state of New Jersey and beyond come together for the New Jersey State Police National Guard Camporee. With over eight thousand attendees, it will be the largest Scouting event held in the state of New Jersey this year. With a growing interest in STEM, the organizers of the camporee built the entire event around exploring technology. From touring a forensic lab to working with robotics and drones, there was a plethora of events Scouts could attend around the State Trooper Training Academy during the weekend.

Jan 14, 2018     OA Today