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How to Write an Effective Speech
Leaders of the Order of the Arrow must write speeches for many occasions, such as banquets and elections. However, the writing process has many moving parts and can be initially challenging. Read on to learn some tips on writing an effective election speech.
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Conducting an Effective Induction
As a lodge prepares for an induction weekend, its leaders must have the proper resources to plan and execute the event. Fortunately, the Order of the Arrow provides information for lodges nationwide on everything involved in the induction process. Read on to help your lodge prepare for future induction events!
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Wood Badge at the Summit
In Scouting, one of the best courses for adult leaders is Woodbadge. It is a five-day training designed to help Scouters improve their home units and communities. Read on to learn more about the training and the upcoming course in January 2024 at the Summit Bechtel Reserve!
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Red, White and Blue in Lodges - Arrowmen Representing Patriotism
Honoring those who have served our country is incredibly important. As Scouts and Arrowmen, we carry the duty to honor our troops. Check out how local Arrowmen plan to celebrate Veterans Day!
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OAHA Registration Is Here!
Arrowmen, Registration for OA Trail Crew, OA Summit Experience, OA Wilderness Voyage, and Canadian Odyssey for the 2024 season is open for all Arrowmen!