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An OAHA Triple Crown Journey
"You Must Go On An Adventure To Find Out Where You Truly Belong.”
Nov 14, 2022    
Meet Cortland Bolles, the incoming National Director of the Order of the Arrow
We are pleased to share that Cortland Bolles has been selected to serve as the next National Director of the Order of the Arrow (OA), effective December 05, 2022...
Nov 01, 2022     Announcements
Arrowmen in the Air

More than 50 years after Neil Armstrong—a member of the former Ketchikeniqua Lodge in Ohio—landed on the moon, Arrowmen have continued to take flight among the eagles. Scouting has influenced and prepared countless youths to enter the aviation industry. The Aviation Merit Badge increased Willis Morales of Nentico Lodge 12 excitement to become a pilot. In the case of former Section Chief Bevan Watson, it was a Scout trip to the airport. For 2021 National Vice Chief Greg Brown, it was all his travels while serving the organization.

Oct 31, 2022     OA Today
Arrowman Appointed U.S. Ambassador to South Africa

Scouting empowers young people with the confidence to be leaders and cultivates a spirit of active citizenship. Through the program, Scouts are able to explore new hobbies and pursue different interests, which may lead some down a unique career pathway. One such Scouter and Arrowman found his pathway in diplomacy. Dr. Reuben E. Brigety II was recently appointed for his second ambassadorship as the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa. 

Oct 27, 2022     OA Today
Happy Hispanic Heritage Month
As we reflect on Hispanic Heritage Month, the Order of the Arrow is excited to celebrate and honor the importance that Hispanic American Arrowmen hold within our organization and community! Here are some testimonials from some of these Scouts.
Oct 10, 2022