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Eastern Region Mid-Year Update

Tune in to watch a mid-year update from your Eastern Region Chief, Cam Dalton! Get to know Cam, find out about some of the events he's attended, and learn about what the region's been up to this year!

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The NOAC Program Registration Guide is Here!


The NOAC 2024 Planning Committee is excited to announce the release of the NOAC 2024 Program Registration Guide! This guide provides all NOAC attendees with a comprehensive list of program offerings at NOAC 2024.

Activity preferences will become available on April 22 and extend to May 17. These preferences can be indicated through the National Order of the Arrow Event Registration System (NOAERS). If you have any questions or need assistance in this process, your contingent leadership can assist you. A list of featured programs has also been provided below.

Performance Measurement Program Changes

Dear all,

Our OA lodges around the country work hard each year to deliver incredible programs, service, and impact to Scouting and to their communities. Each lodge strives to be the best lodge it can be and to ‘do its best.' 

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Service Beyond Scouting
The Order of the Arrow is an organization with the pillar values of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service. Our Arrowmen both serve their Scouting communities as well as the overarching communities they are a part of. Whether it is helping those who are in need, or being civil servants and leaders in the community, service is a core value of the Order of the Arrow and of Scouting.
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Why It Matters: OAHA Testimonial
For years, the Order of the Arrow High Adventure program has served Arrowmen with a cost-effective experience and guaranteed opportunity to leave an impact on the High Adventure bases. Read this article to learn about why OAHA matters and how you can seize the opportunity to make an impact today!
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