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2017 Natural Disaster Aid Offered by Arrowmen

As 2017 started to come to a close, the country was rocked by several devastating natural disasters. These disasters affected millions. There were many who faced the devastating wildfires in Northern California that destroyed over 10,000 structures and caused more than an estimated $13 billion dollars in damage. There were others who were hit by Hurricane Harvey in Texas which left 336,000 people without electricity and tens of thousands requiring rescue. More than 48,000 homes were destroyed, and many others had lost everything with the flooding that resulted.

Apr 18, 2018     Lodge Ledger
Wah-Sha-She Lodge Old Christmas Tree Fish Habitat

After the holiday season most people are forced to throw out their Christmas trees, but that’s not the case for Wah-Sha-She Lodge, chartered to the Ozark Trails Council. Instead, with their Christmas tree recycling program they collect people’s Christmas trees to have them be turned into habitats to protect fish in local lakes. Every year after Christmas, lodge members set up a tent outside their Bass Pro Shop (fun fact: the original one) in Springfield, Missouri. At the end of the week the Christmas trees are then picked up and sent off to be turned into fish habitats.

Apr 18, 2018     Lodge Ledger
NOAC 2018 Orientation Video

In the next few days, NOAC attendees will want to log into the log into the National Order of the Arrow Event Registration System (NOAERS), and set their preferences for roommates, training sessions, and the different activities that will be available at NOAC. Remember that requests are not guaranteed and all preferences are first-come, first-served, so don’t delay (program registration will close on May 31).

Apr 09, 2018     NOAC Navigator
Pilot Academy

PILOT Academy will be unlike anything else available to lodge chiefs, up-and-coming youth lodge leaders, and lodge advisers (or their designees) at NOAC. These lodge leaders from across the nation will gather one morning during the conference for a brand new training program designed to give you the tools to be an even more effective leader. This immersive, engaging, interactive, and fun-filled leadership challenge will be conducted in a non-classroom format and empower you to return home and be powerful agents of change.

Apr 05, 2018     NOAC Navigator
Training Success Seekers

An exciting new initiative called Success Seekers will be rolling out at NOAC 2018!

Apr 05, 2018     NOAC Navigator