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Meet the National Director of the Order of the Arrow, Cortland Bolles

In December of 2022, Cortland Bolles took over as the National Director of the Order of the Arrow. In this interview, conducted by Arrowmen, Eli Hattersley, Bolles shares his experiences, advice, and goals as he takes on this new role.

Feb 22, 2023     Officer Outlook
A Journey of Knowledge and Learning

Training presentations and programs like Lodge Leadership Development (LLD), the ACT conference, National Leadership Seminar (NLS), and the Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC), are the primary forms of youth and adult leadership development in the Order of the Arrow. These events are generally held over a weekend, ranging from personal development to large-picture topics, such as maintaining and improving lodge practices.

Feb 21, 2023     Officer Outlook
Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Event Planning Timeline

Event planning is a necessary skill every lodge officer will need throughout their leadership journeys in Order of the Arrow and Scouting because events are critical to an effective youth-led Scouting program. This skill is also transferable to leadership roles in other organizations, personal and business ventures, and even the workplace. All the pre-planning required for larger events allows for the acquisition of proper time management and planning skills. 

Feb 21, 2023     Officer Outlook
Lodge Communications Tips and Tricks

What is a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service? As officers, many of you are well-versed with what the Order of the Arrow offers, feel connected to the brotherhood, and regularly participate in service and fellowship events.

Feb 21, 2023     Officer Outlook
National Unit Visitation Resources

Every Arrowman has taken part in at least one unit election, including the one at which they were elected. Many lodge officers have probably attended more camp promotions and unit elections than they can count. Yet, there are always ways for lodges around the country to grow and improve their camp promotion and unit election program. Unit visitations are a vital part of our membership growth on both a local and national level.

Feb 20, 2023     Officer Outlook