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Helping All Arrowmen Reach New Heights

The Ordeal Ceremony is a highly anticipated event for candidates that marks the next step of their journey towards becoming full members of the Order of the Arrow. Unfortunately, many Scouts do not have access to opportunities like this because of their special needs. Many lodges and units struggle to find ways for Scouts with disabilities to actively participate in their programs or fail to recognize how easy it can be to modify and adapt programs to meet the needs of individual Scouts.

Aug 29, 2023     OA Today
Help Lodges Across The Country Reach New Heights

In 2020, because of the immediate lockdown due to the pandemic, the world was given an unforeseen opportunity: to slow down and reflect. This opportunity gave way to the Thrive program, initially named Thrive Connect. Thrive now serves as a partnership with lodges with the same mission in mind, to help lodges elevate their performance. The current model of the program is split into two different phases that work throughout the year, every other week.

Aug 29, 2023     OA Today
Seek New Experiences and Connections at Conclave

Next to a National Order of the Arrow Conference or National Scout Jamboree, a section conclave is one of the most significant inter-lodge events that an Arrowman can attend within the Order of the Arrow. Each section does its conclave in a unique way, yet all have similar opportunities to connect people from other lodges and backgrounds. Overall, it is an excellent experience for Arrowmen to engage with one another for a weekend filled with excitement and opportunity.


Aug 29, 2023     OA Today
Revised Officer Handbook Release

Recently, changes have been made to the Order of the Arrow’s guidebooks. The Field Operations Guide was renamed the Field Operations Handbook, and the Guide for Officers and Advisers was renamed the Handbook for Officers and Advisers.

Aug 29, 2023     OA Today
NOAC Theme Announcement

The theme for the 2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is “Seek New Heights,” which will be tied into all aspects of the conference and highlighted at the theme show. “Seek New Heights” is a call to action that urges Arrowmen to embrace personal and collective growth. This theme embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery at the core of Scouting since its inception.

Aug 29, 2023     OA Today