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Introducing Thrive Connect
From 2020 to 2021, the Order of the Arrow suffered its most significant membership loss to date of 23,969 people. The Thrive initiative brings that decline to a halt, ushering in the Order of the Arrow’s second century of growth where it matters most — the local level.
Apr 24, 2021    
Momentum: Discover

In August, we launched an all-new virtual event series. In November, we sparked the future of the Order of the Arrow at our first-ever national induction weekend. But now, as we continue to navigate the uncertain days ahead, we're coming together virtually once again to keep the Momentum going!

Feb 01, 2021     OA Today
Chiefly Speaking


This year has many opportunities for us to capture and shape our Order. We are excited to work together with lodge leaders across the country as we rise to the occasion and build the new era of the Order of the Arrow. In just our first month as your national officers, we have had the privilege to join you at chapter, lodge and section virtual events across the country. Each event we attend reminds us of the critical role you and our local programs play in delivering our mission and ensuring our program is available to all future youth. 

Feb 01, 2021     OA Today
Introducing the Order of the Arrow’s 2021 National Officers
The Order of the Arrow’s national officers are elected on an annual basis by the section chiefs during the annual national planning meeting. Each of the national officers will serve a one-year term upon their election.
Feb 01, 2021     OA Today