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2022 National Impact Report

We are thrilled to present to you the 2022 National Impact Report, an illuminating testament to our collective accomplishments and the transformative power of our organization over the past year. This comprehensive report delves into the heart of what makes the Order of the Arrow so extraordinary—our dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to servant leadership.

May 30, 2023     Officer Outlook
Creating Distinctive Patches: A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Success in Design

Throughout the history of Scouting, one thing has always remained constant: the universal love for patches. Since 1911, the BSA has been producing countless badges for Scouts to earn and display. For example, the iconic Eagle Scout badge, while it has been updated over time, has continually displayed the classic red, white, and blue background with the silver eagle over it. It’s a patch that’s universally recognized as an indicator of Scouting because of its design. So if the Eagle Scout patch is so successful, why don't other patches fare so well?

May 29, 2023     Officer Outlook
Mishigami and Muscogee Lodges: A Tale of Two Merges

For many years, lodges throughout the Order of the Arrow have undergone mergers, bringing Arrowmen together and strengthening the bonds of Brotherhood.  While some mergers consist of two lodges coming together to form a brand new lodge, like in the case of Muscogee Lodge, with a few hundred Arrowmen, others can be between three or more lodges, consisting of a thousand Arrowmen or more, like for Mishigami Lodge.

May 29, 2023     Officer Outlook
Unique Lodge Awards

Whether it’s the Heisman Trophy, the Nobel Prize, the Grammy’s, or an Olympic medal, awards are considered meaningful ways of recognizing outstanding people or feats. These awards all have one thing in common: they recognize people for their hard work and accomplishments. For many, it means everything and may be the thing that incentivizes them to go the extra mile: to continue to step up, and step forward. 

May 29, 2023     Officer Outlook
Performance Measurement Program Policy Updates

In March, the national Order of the Arrow committee approved changes to the Performance Measurement Program (PMP) to take effect this year. The program provides standards that all lodges should aim to meet and exceed to become high-performing and thriving lodges. More importantly, however, these changes reflect and encourage positive growth in the OA and emphasize the importance of strengthening the bonds of brotherhood in all aspects of lodge performance. 


May 29, 2023     Officer Outlook