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The Order of the Arrow has several publications available to help Arrowmen in carrying out the OA program. Some publications are only available through your local lodge or council; contact your lodge adviser or staff adviser if you need a copy. Most publications are available online below. They are revised regularly, so be sure to get the current edition.

Policy Updates

The Order of the Arrow continues to adapt policies and guidelines when necessary. Updates to policies, procedures, and guidelines released after the release of any of the below publications can be found at

Table of Contents

Handbook and Ceremonies

Order of the Arrow Handbook

This is the main handbook for OA members. It includes basic information all members should know and reflects current policies. The handbook is available from the BSA National Supply Division (#656204, 2023 revision) and must be ordered through your local council.

Order of the Arrow Ceremonies

Find and download the current ceremony texts.

To Download Ceremonies


Handbook for Officers & Advisers

All lodge and chapter officers and advisers should have a copy of this book. It reflects the current policies concerning the organization and administration of the Order of the Arrow Lodge. Topics covered include lodge organization and program, communications, camping promotion, service, membership requirements, unit elections, OA structure, awards, and more.

Download (April 2024 Revision)

Inductions Handbook

This handbook brings together all aspects of the induction process and provides a suggested structure for the inductions committee to follow. It provides the current policies and is filled with information about the inductions process from the unit election, to Call-Out, through the Ordeal, and on to Brotherhood. This revision includes updates for recent national policy changes and small revisions and updates throughout the document.

To Download (2023 Revision)

Field Operations Handbook

This handbook provides details on OA national and regional organization, section rules, section Conclave guidelines, and section training.

Download (2023 Revision)

Chapter Operations Guide

Filled with helpful tools, resources, and much more! The Chapter Operations Guide will help your chapter reach its full potential and deliver a quality program to your members. All chapter officers and advisers should have a copy.

Download (2012 Revision)

Handbook for Staff Advisers

This handbook provides information on the Order of the Arrow for professional Scouters.

Download (2023 Revision)

Unit Elections Handbook

This handbook provides information on Order of the Arrow unit elections to both members and non-members. It can be distributed to unit leaders and others who want to know the policies regarding unit elections and how unit elections are conducted.

View Handbook

Online Engagement Toolkit

This guide provides information and resources on the Order of the Arrow for lodges to utilize when engaging online.

Download (2020 Revision)

Conclave 2.0 Guidebook

This guidebook is designed to support sections in creating an innovative, unique, and fun conclave for Arrowmen.

View Guidebook

Lodge Finance Manual

The Lodge Finance Manual provides ideas and guidelines for budget building and control, the jobs of lodge members related to lodge finances, financial record keeping, inventory control, financial reports, and money-earning projects.

Download (2023 Revision)

Lodge Merger Handbook for Councils

Designed to help lodge leadership work through a merger, this is an easy to follow guide that is a step by step handbook on merging a lodge.

Download (2023 Revision)

Guide to Lodge Alumni Groups

The Guide to Lodge Alumni Groups is designed to serve as a tool for those who are looking to develop and maintain an active alumni group. This resource offers tools, suggestions and ideas as well as practices and suggested meeting times for up-and-coming alumni groups.

Download (2024 Revision)

Supporting Material

Performance Measurement Program

Beginning in 2019, the Performance Measurement Program (PMP) replaces the Journey to Excellence (JTE) program. Review the guidelines for Lodges and Sections using the information below.

Performance Measurement Program

Lodge History Resource Guide

This guide provides insights and best practices from Scouting historians and contains guidance for tactile and ideological approaches so that you are able to not only do history well, but also, in time, to be able to think like a historian.

Download (November 2023 Revision)

The Brotherhood of Cheerful Service: A History of the Order of the Arrow

This book is an enlightening history of the Order of the Arrow. Since its initial printing, it has been nationally recognized as the authoritative source for Order of the Arrow historical facts. Written by Kenneth P. Davis, Ph.D., a long-time, former member of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, this publication consists of twelve chapters that each focus on a specific phase of Order of the Arrow history, or an aspect of its operations.

Available from the OA Trading Post (Third Edition)

A Thing of the Spirit, The Life of E. Urner Goodman

E. Urner Goodman, the founder of the Order of the Arrow; was a trend setting Scouter in the early days of the movement. This biography of the founder, written by Nelson R. Block, is an excellent source of information on the life of Dr. Goodman, and preserves oral history about Dr. Goodman that might have otherwise been lost.

Available from the OA Trading Post

Eternal Flame Program

The Eternal Flame Program has been designed to offer Arrowmen the opportunity to practice reverence in the remembering of Arrowmen who have passed away. This program is an official Order of the Arrow program and should be used in lieu of any previous ceremonies or programs to honor the departed.

Download (July 2022 Revision)

National Bulletin

The National Bulletin is an official national publication of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America.

View Past Editions

Business Plan

2022-2023 Business Plan

OA Branding Resources

The OA Branding and Style Guide, along with branded PowerPoint and Keynote presentation templates, can be found on the OA Branding Resources page.

Order of the Arrow High Adventure Yearbooks

Beginning with the 2018 edition, the OA High Adventure (OAHA) Foreman Alumni Association publishes a yearbook to highlight the successes of OAHA programs, stories from the summer, alumni accomplishments, and best practices to promote the program.