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Lodge Locator

At the local level, lodges exist to serve BSA councils and individual units.  The key leaders in the lodge are the youth lodge chief, volunteer adult lodge adviser, and staff adviser.  The lodge chief presides over the Lodge Executive Committee, which is responsible for executing the annual program of the lodge.  While each lodge is different, many lodges have one or more vice chiefs, a secretary, and a treasurer, as well as committee chairmen responsible for various aspects of the lodge’s program.  Many lodges, especially large ones where additional structure is necessary, have chapters.  These often align with BSA districts and execute the program of the lodge on a community level.

Each pin on the map represents a local lodge. If you know the name of your lodge or council, you can locate them via the search bar. You can also locate your local lodge by entering your zip code. Within the map you can access information on your local lodge including a lodge website and a contact email if provided.

The zip code lookup feature only works for US zip codes. For information on international Scouting, please visit