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The national chief and vice chief are Arrowmen elected to one-year terms by the section chiefs during the annual national planning meeting. They serve as members of the national Order of the Arrow committee, providing the opinion of youth Arrowmen on national OA policy. They also serve as the presiding officers for the national OA event. They are advised in their responsibilities by the national OA committee chairman and the Order of the Arrow National Director. The professional adviser is the Order of the Arrow Associate Director, a national professional Scouter.

National Chief - Zach Grinvalsky

Zach is a member of Blue Heron Lodge, out of Tidewater Council in Virginia Beach, VA. Before he was elected national chief, Zach served as the section chief of Section E9 and former Section SR-7A. He is also a former two-term lodge chief. Zach is an Eagle Scout, a Vigil Honor member, and a recipient of the Founder's Award and James E. West Fellowship. He attends Tidewater Community College, where he studies business administration and management. A fun fact about Zach is that he enjoys a warm glass of milk on restless nights.

National Vice Chief - Grant Kim

Grant is a member of Ma-Nu Lodge, out of Last Frontier Council in Edmonton, OK. Before he was elected national vice chief, Grant served as section chief of Section G4 and is a former lodge chief. He is a recipient of the Vigil Honor and Founder's Award, and is an Eagle Scout. After studying finance, insurance, and risk management at the University of Central Oklahoma, he hopes to start his own investment company. Outside of Scouting, he is the lead singer for a Taylor Swift cover band.

National OA Committee Chairman - Chris A. Grove, M.D.

Chris was inducted to Miami Lodge in Dayton, Ohio in 1982. He earned his Eagle Scout at age 14 and kept his Vigil in 1988. He lives in Ormond Beach, Florida where he practices General Surgery at AdventHealth. Chris has been married to his wife Becky since 2005, and is a father to his daughter Abby and his Tenderfoot Scout son Ben.

Chris began his service to the Order of the Arrow as a chapter chief, and then went on to become a lodge vice-chief, lodge chief, and lodge adviser all in Miami Lodge. He has been an associate section adviser and section adviser before serving as the Central Region Chairman from 2007-2012. He subsequently has served on the National OA committee as a vice-chairman. In recognition of his extensive service to Scouting, Chris has been honored with the Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope, Silver Buffalo, OA Founders Award, OA Centurion Award, National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award, and the OA Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

During his tenure as Order of the Arrow Chairman, Chris looks forward to engaging with youth and adults from across the country to take on the challenges facing our Order today. He plans to guide the OA through the transition that the BSA is making to its structure, governance, and finances. At such a critical transition point in OA history, Chris is eager to empower youth leaders across the country and make the Order of the Arrow the best organization it can be.

National OA Director - Cortland Bolles

Cortland Bolles has been a professional Scouter for 21 years serving councils in Kansas City, Missouri; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Most recently, he has served as the Director of Field Service for Three Harbors Council located in Milwaukee.  He has served as a Lodge Chief, a Trail Crew Director, and a Lodge Staff Adviser. He is also a recipient of the Founder’s Award and Distinguished Service Award.

National Order of the Arrow Committee

The National Committee is a group of youth and adults tasked with running the Order of the Arrow. Committee members put in countless hours of service every year to make the OA's programs possible.