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National Order of the Arrow Committee

National Leadership

National Chief
Timothy Reiss (Y)

National Vice Chief
Steven Buer (Y)

National Chairman
Chris A. Grove, M.D.

OA Director

OA Associate Director

Region Leadership

Eastern Region Chief
Alex Pillis (Y)

Gateway Region Chief
Dirk Smelser (Y)

Eastern Region Chair
Mack J. Zewalk (A)

Gateway Region Chair
Tracy Atherton (A)

Past Officers

  • Derek Porter - Past National Chief
  • Greg Brown - Past National Vice Chief
  • Terry Hendriex - Past Central Region Chief
  • Nick Morey - Past Southern Region Chief

National Committee Pillars

Field Operations

Jeffrey Q. Jonasen - Vice Chair Field Operations

  • Donnie Stephens - OA Alliance
  • Ryan King - Outdoor Program

Foundation and Development

  • Michael G. Hoffman - Past Chair
  • Carl M. Marchetti, M.D. - Past Chair

Lodge Impact

Scott W. Beckett - Vice Chair Lodge Impact

  • Layla Spanenberg - Council Integration/Mergers
  • Mike White - Expectations of Lodges
  • Thomas S. Bain - Technology
  • Michael R. Card - Technology Tools
  • Evan Chaffee - Thrive/Activate
  • David W. Garrett - Training

Member Experience

Devang Desai - Vice Chair Member Experience

  • Hector A. (Tico) Perez - Barriers to Entry
  • Preston Marquis - Communications
  • Jeremiah "JJ" Arnold - Induction/Activation
  • William "Bill" Chin - Induction/Activation
  • Don Hough - Membership Growth
  • Clint E. Takeshita - National Events
  • Joe Barton, M.D. - Youth Retention

Mission & Reputation

Ed Lynes - Vice Chair Mission & Reputation

  • Dwayne Fontenette - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Christina Clark - National Honor Society
  • Jason A. Wolz - Native American Relations

Organizational Strategy

Anthony J. "Tony" Fiori - Vice Chair Organizational Strategy

  • Glenn T. Ault, M.D. - All Program Evaluation
  • Carey J. Mignerey - Financial Strategy
  • Mike Tangen - Intermediary Support