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Order of the Arrow Website Information and Policies

BSA Terms & Privacy Policy

This website is subject to the Boy Scouts of America's Website Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.


This is the official national website for the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America. The main goal of this website is to communicate official, approved information to all Arrowmen. The site is produced by the National OA Web Team under the direction of the Communications Subcommittee of the National Order of the Arrow Committee.

The youth Web Lead is Lucas W., and the Adviser is Andrew Collins. The chair of the Communications Subcommittee is Preston Marquis. The vice chair of the member experience pillar of the National OA Committee is Devang Desai.

This site follows the Official OA Website Guidelines.

Please visit our Supported Browsers page for more information on what web browsers work with the OA website.

Use of Material From This Site

In general, Order of the Arrow members may freely reprint material from the National OA Website for their own use, or in local publications as part of the official program of the OA, as long as proper credit is given as to where the material came from such as a simple byline of "-from the National OA Website,".

Please do not copy the material presented here to a local website. Instead, put a link to the appropriate page. A basic entry like "The new OA Strategic Plan (on the national OA website)" is quite common. This ensures that local users will always get the most current copy when the pages here are updated, and it also saves local webmasters from any need to edit or retype our pages. The only exception to this policy are branding resources explicitly made available for use elsewhere.

OA Marks and Logos

The names “Order of the Arrow” and “NOAC," the official Order of the Arrow logo, and the Order of Arrow centennial totem and centennial logo are trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America. They may be used in accordance with our brand guidelines for the purpose of promoting OA programs via the Internet, social media, etc. OA marks and logos may not be used on patches, T-shirts, hats, bags or other goods unless the item is produced by either the BSA National Supply Group or an authorized BSA licensee. All other vendors must obtain a written product license from the Boy Scouts of America National Council in order to make custom products using OA marks. To request a license application to use OA marks on custom products, please visit the BSA’s trademark licensing department at Please note that the license application review process typically takes between 2-4 weeks. A full list of all Boy Scouts of America's trademarks can be found at


The site is updated regularly as new material becomes available.

Linking to the Site

All Scouting and related websites are encouraged to link to the official national Order of the Arrow website.

Safeguarded Material

To ensure that Scouts and Scouters who may be going through various Order of the Arrow ceremonies in the future do not have their experience lessened or spoiled, some of the material on this website is protected. See the Safeguarded Material page for more details.


If you have questions about the Order of the Arrow, you should first try to get an answer locally from your own lodge or chapter chief or adviser. If you cannot get an answer locally, try searching this website or looking through the Ask the Chairman section. If you wish to provide comments on the National OA Website, please email @email.