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Volunteer Board

This volunteer board is a compilation of volunteer positions within the Order of the Arrow at a national level. As a nonprofit organization that prioritizes youth leadership, the OA relies on a dedicated team of both youth and adult volunteers to ensure the successful operation of its programs. The organization is incredibly grateful to these volunteers and for your potential interest in lending some of your time and talent to the OA. 

The OA’s programs are primarily local and those interested in volunteering should start at the local level, with their lodge and chapter. For information on these programs, please reach out to your lodge or chapter leadership. From there, those interested in volunteering further should look for opportunities at the section level by reaching out to the section chief and their adviser. After that, potential volunteers should reach out to their region’s leadership about volunteer opportunities at the region level.

Graphic describing the OA structure starting from the lodge and chapter level and building up to sections, region, and finally the national level

The national volunteer opportunities within this board are intended for individuals who have already given substantial time at the lodge, section, and region level, and still seek to volunteer further in the OA. The organization cannot function without the services of dedicated volunteers at the local level so we ask that prospective volunteers please consider these local opportunities before seeking opportunities at the national level. For more information on the OA’s structure please see this page.

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