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Conclave 2.0


Conclave Crossroads

The Conclave 2.0 Task Force spent a year studying successful and unsuccessful conclaves, reports, and associated data. Over the course of the year, the task force discussed with section leadership on how they continually improve conclave, and how they struggle.

They determined that the concept of conclave IS still relevant to today’s Arrowmen, but that the program of the last 40 years is not. As a result, conclave youth attendance is generally stagnant or declining. The team has prototyped a new framework that is successful in being attractive to today’s youth, while retaining the look and feel of a ‘conclave’. This guide offers tips and tricks from success conclaves, as well as 2 new features to make your conclave great.

  1. A new program concept to replace the traditional ‘training’ concept, called the IDEA Framework.
  2. Administrative templates from successful conclaves and their sections to make your job planning conclaves easier.

Supporting You

At the end of 2018, section leaders from across the nation got together to plan out the program of emphasis: Focus’19. The program was designed to help vault the Order of the Arrow into a new era of local support.

The team of leaders understood the ever-growing role of the section on today’s program and wanted to give you the support and materials to make your conclave easier, and impactful.

As you read through and utilize this guide, think of even more out-of-the-box and innovative ways to make conclaves impactful and worthwhile to youth and share them with others.