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Conclave 2.0

This guidebook is designed to support sections in creating an innovative, unique, and fun conclave for Arrowmen.

Conclave 2.0 Guidebook


The resources below are referenced within the Conclave 2.0 Guidebook.

Conclave Backdater

An interactive planner on action items and goals to complete a successful conclave.

Council of Chiefs Meeting Template

Template on conducting easy to follow meeting templates for a Section Council of Chiefs.

Section Budget Template

Fillable template on how to organize section and conclave finances.

Conclave Roster Template

Fillable excel that allows sections to organize their leader’s contact information.

Conclave Organization Chart

PowerPoint template for a visual representation of a conclave’s organization structure.

Conclave Schedule

Excel template that allows sections to see a recommended schedule and modify it.

Worship Program

A printable handout of the approved religious service to use during conclave.