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Q/A: Health and Medical Checks

Q: I am looking for information regarding requirements for health and medical checks for members at OA functions. Since members come to OA events as individuals and not as units, medical volunteers who serve our functions have expressed concern that they should have some type of medical form as well as a parent's emergency release form. Can you point me to the BSA/OA guidelines?

A: The requirements for health and medical checks for OA functions are the same as for any other Scouting event. The policy statement can be found in the "Guide for Safe Scouting", in chapter V, "Medical Information" and online here.

For most OA events, such as weekend conclaves or training sessions, Part A and Part B of the Annual BSA Health and Medical Record are appropriate. For any national event, such as the National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Parts A, B, and C of the Annual Health and Medical Record are required.

Frequently asked questions on the Annual Health and Medical Record can be found here.

Many lodges and sections send out the Annual Health and Medical Record form as part of their event registration materials and then collect them in advance or at the event as appropriate. Copies of the medical forms should be available at your council service center and are also available on the BSA web site, Annual Health and Medical Record.

In addition, the current copy of 'The Guide to Safe Scouting," available at any Scout Shop, has many guidelines that a lodge adviser should be aware of. The guide is also available online at the BSA web site.