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Q/A: Using Pictures from the National OA Website

Q: I am a Lodge Associate Adviser for Administration in my lodge. I would like to know how I could get copies of various pictures you have on your website to use in a PowerPoint presentation at our annual lodge banquet. We will be showing pictures of local and national events during the program.

Can you provide original images of those available on your site? I am also interested in getting clean copy of the three sashes and also the vigil triangle. Is this possible?

All pictures would have a credit line "Photo provided by National OA Website" in the lower corner of the picture.

A: You are welcome to use the ones we have on the web site now for your presentation, with attribution. We realize the resolution of the online versions may not the best for your purpose. At this time we do not have the resources to provide the original images.

To capture a picture off the OA web site, go to the page that has the image you want, then move your mouse over the image and right click once. This will bring up a menu, then select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As." A file save box will pop up, and you can specify a file name and folder to put it in.

For the photo galleries, left click on the small thumbnail to bring up a bigger version, then save the big one. This also works on the pictures in some story pages, like "The Dallas Experience" and "NOAC Site Visit".

You may also find the Branding section helpful.