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Q/A: Wearing your Current OA Lodge's Flap

Q: I was elected to OA as a Scout many years ago. I am becoming a uniformed Scouter where I live now, which is in another council. When I asked the local Scout shop about the OA patch for my uniform, I was told that I should wear the one from where I was elected, instead of the one for the council in which I now live. Is this correct? 

A: Your Scout shop person was mistaken. The lodge flap signifies active dues paid membership in a local lodge. "Members of the OA may be official dues-paying (and, in the case of youth, voting) members of only one lodge, that being the lodge chartered to the council where they reside and have their principal Scouting Registration." (OA Handbook, p. 47, 2000 revision.)

So, you should pay your dues in the local lodge of the council you now live in and are becoming active in. You should then wear the lodge flap of this local lodge on your uniform. 

Welcome back to active membership in the OA!