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Q/A: How to Change Membership to a New Lodge

Q: I went through my ordeal last year, but never got a membership card. Since then I have moved, and would like to know how to make sure I don't lose my OA membership.

A: Once a Scout or Scouter goes through their Ordeal, they are a member of the Order of the Arrow for the rest of their life (as long as they are registered with the BSA). As they move to new councils, they need to connect with the local OA lodge at each place to continue their active membership.

There are no Order of the Arrow membership records maintained at the national level. Each local lodge maintains its own records.

You should contact your current council's OA lodge adviser. (If you do not know who that is, use the OA Lodge Locator. Explain the situation, and you will probably be able to establish your membership based on the information you have and any other items that you may have (such as an OA sash, pocket flap, etc.)

If necessary, you may have to contact your former council to see if they can forward any records they may have of your membership.