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News for all Arrowmen about what's happening today in the Order of the Arrow.

What everybody's dancing about: Wachipi in a nutshell

In addition to the national jamboree, the Order of the Arrow (OA) will be hosting another summer event, this time at Philmont Scout Ranch.

May 10, 2017   OA Today
Order of the Arrow Summit Experience

Order of the Arrow High Adventure (OAHA) has many different opportunities open to youth Arrowmen across the nation.

May 10, 2017   OA Today
C-4 Area Leadership Training Conference

Sections C-4A and C-4B came together last November to conduct the Area Leadership Training Conference for the youth leaders of their sections. This training is an annual wide-scale event that typically trains 120 participants across the area and is held at Camp Lazarus in Delaware, Ohio.

May 10, 2017   OA Today
From Raccoons to Cardinals: Nawakwa Lodge prepares to celebrate 100 years

Nawakwa Lodge has a special birthday coming up and the lodge is already getting a head start on the preparations! In 2019, this lodge, which serves the Heart of Virginia Council located in Richmond, Virginia, will be turning 100 years old!

May 10, 2017   OA Today
Link Success Stories

Sections have been tasked with implementing Link, a new training program designed to target the Journey to Excellence requirements that lodges struggle with the most.

Apr 04, 2017   OA Today
Chiefly Speaking


Apr 04, 2017   OA Today
Ajapeu Lodge clears trails for a running start on service

As Arrowmen around the country settled down for the holidays, members of Ajapeu Lodge of the Washington Crossing Council, headquartered in Pipersville, PA, laced up their boots and ventured to the Sol and Rose Preserve on the chilly Saturday morning of December 10th.

Mar 23, 2017   OA Today
Arrowmen give back at section conclave

Servant leadership and cheerful service were exactly what Hunter Scott, former Section W-1E section chief, had in mind when planning his conclave.

Mar 23, 2017   OA Today
Buffalo National River Trail Crew

Do you enjoy camaraderie and leaving a legacy for future outdoor enthusiasts like yourself? If so, come join the Buffalo National River Trail Crew (BNRTC) for the “Surveying a Legacy” adventure!

Feb 22, 2017   OA Today
Lodge sparks new interest in American Indian Affairs with weekend event

Mikanakawa Lodge of the Circle Ten Council in Dallas, Texas, recently held an American Indian Affairs weekend. This was a new event for lodge, and it was where Arrowmen were encouraged to build regalia for ceremonies or learn how to dance in different styles.

Dec 02, 2016   OA Today
Arrowmen reach out in service to their local community

At their annual spring service weekend, one lodge decided to perform some community service in the local area where the event was held: Pipsico Scout Reservation, Chippokes State Park and the town of Claremont.

Nov 29, 2016   OA Today
Noquet Lodge recruits army of volunteers for council event

A Michigan lodge assembled an army of volunteers to help provide behind-the-scenes support for their annual council-wide camping event.

Nov 29, 2016   OA Today