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News for all Arrowmen about what's happening today in the Order of the Arrow.

A Legacy of Service: Christiansen Appointed Western Region Chairman

After being a member of the Order of the Arrow (OA) for the past forty-five years and serving as an adviser at the chapter, lodge, and section level, Gary Christiansen was announced as the next Western Region chairman.

Oct 03, 2017   OA Today
Justin Abshire’s Link Between Success and Scouting

Arrowman Justin Abshire can always find something or someone interesting in New Orleans, even on days aside from Mardi Gras.

Oct 03, 2017   OA Today
Scouting Aboard the USS Ford

A stairway leads inside to a large photo of the 38th President of the United States of America proudly standing at a podium. Down the hall to the entry door, the presidential seal welcomes visitors. Through the door is a rounded room, with walls covered with memorabilia.

Oct 03, 2017   OA Today
Hike and camp, hack or NOAC? Find your next adventure!

The end of the OA’s record-breaking involvement at the national jamboree doesn’t have to be the end of your adventures of a lifetime. Hack, code and brainstorm at the OA Hackathon. Learn, compete and make new friends at NOAC 2018. Hike or paddle while giving back through OA High Adventure.

Lodge History Resource Guide now available

The Lodge History Resource Guide was conceived during the Centennial National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) in 2015. At that time, many Arrowmen directed their attention to historical preservation, and everywhere sections and lodges benefited from their renewed focus.

Jun 14, 2017   NOAC 2015, OA Today
Meet the new OA Ocean Adventure!

The Order of the Arrow Ocean Adventure (OAOA) program is charting a course for the remote and historic Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jun 13, 2017   OA Today
New Lodge Debut: Erielhonan Lodge

There is a new lodge serving the Northeastern Ohio Scouting movement. Erielhonan (pronounced Erie-le-non) Lodge is the nation’s newest lodge as of the conclusion of the Section C-4A Conclave on May 21, 2017.

Jun 13, 2017   OA Today
Service grants and their impact at home

The Order of the Arrow sponsors service grants as a way to assist those lodges who have sought to provide meaningful cheerful service to their council properties.

Jun 13, 2017   OA Today
OA to host inspirational and memorable powwow at jamboree

The staff and participants of the 2017 National Jamboree will have the chance to join together for a powwow this July, hosted by the Operation Arrow Indian Village staff. The powwow will give dancers of all experience levels the chance to demonstrate their traditional American Indian singing and dancing skills. It will provide an opportunity for fellowship for Venturers, International Scouts and all jamboree staff.

Jun 03, 2017   OA Today, Operation Arrow 2017
How AIA programs benefit lodges

What makes the induction experience memorable? 

May 25, 2017   OA Today
Regalia bonanza

Recently the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge of the President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council held their annual Regalia Bonanza. This is an excellent opportunity for Arrowmen to create interesting and creative regalia while enjoying their lodge’s American Indian Activities (AIA) program.

May 25, 2017   OA Today
SR-9 Indian Winter

In early February, Section SR-9 held their annual Indian Winter training event and built two distinct programs for lodge leaders and American Indian Activities (AIA) enthusiasts.

May 17, 2017   OA Today