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Letter from the Region Chief - Dirk Smelser

  Dirk Smelser             OA Today

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Letter from the Region Chief - Dirk Smelser


This year I’ve had the privilege to experience a lot of unique places and events. but none have been as eventful and productive as our five National Leadership Seminars and Developing Youth Leadership Conferences. The goal of these two programs was a consistent, high-quality training every Arrowman could use to grow as a leader. I can confidently say we delivered on that goal. 

NLS was my first OA event six years ago. It brought me out of my shell and allowed me to develop my first real leadership skills. It’s been the most heartwarming moment this term, seeing that same experience happen for young Arrowmen at NLS. 

Learners impressed me at every course with their transformation from learner to leader. These five events have created a new generation of leaders ready to enact change for good. For those of you who haven’t been to this program yet, your life will be positively changed if you attend. If it isn’t close to you next year, don’t wait to be a leader. Find a way to become involved with your lodge, troop or community.  “Leadership is a commodity that cannot be wasted or abused.” -Tracy Atherton 

There’s a place for everyone in this Order. Now more than ever, our organization needs each and every one of you to continue our positive impact on the world. I invite you all to attend the next NLS you can, to grow yourself and our society. 

I couldn’t be prouder of our trainers, learners, and future.

Dirk Smelser
2022 Gateway Region Chief