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National Leadership Seminar Testimonials

  Evan Schilling             OA Today

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National Leadership Seminar Testimonials

National Leadership Seminar (NLS) impacts hundreds of Arrowmen every year with the skills it equips and the inspiration it instills. In a single weekend, NLS enables Arrowmen to know themselves, their abilities, and their leadership. It emboldens them to tackle tough challenges and thrive in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities. Finally, it forms lifelong friendships with Arrowmen from across the country. You can register for NLS today at

Many OA leaders can credit some of their skills to having attended NLS. From new arrowmen to national chiefs, this training has pushed leaders to challenge the status quo and empowered them to expand our brotherhood. Many former learners rave about their experience at NLS - after all, 66% of learners said they "learned a lot" and that their experience was "super helpful." Some of these leaders were eager to comment on how NLS has had an impact on them. Don’t take our word for it - take theirs.

NLS was one of the influential experiences I’ve had in the Order of the Arrow and in Scouting. The skills I’ve learned have not only helped me in my roles I’ve had in Scouting, but also in my everyday life.

Michael F., Mishigami Lodge, 2022


NLS was truly an eye-opening experience. Prior to that weekend, I had not attended any major leadership trainings in Scouting. However, I was eager to learn and was inspired by the lodge development goals presented by the staff. I discovered many useful ways to increase attendance at lodge events and improve membership retention. It was also encouraging to see how many Scouts wanted to improve their lodges and leadership abilities. I was even fortunate enough to reunite with my [NLS] crew at NOAC! Overall, this training played an integral part in my role as a leader in my lodge.

Isabela T., Lenape Lodge, 2022


I didn’t know what to expect of NLS on the drive there. Once I arrived and got settled in, there was a certain energy about Alpine Scout Camp. Throughout the weekend, I got to learn so many different things about leadership, as well as making some really strong friendships with other scouts. Getting to take this course truly helped me to learn and grow as a leader and as a person, and I highly recommend it for young Arrowmen who are leaders or aspire to be leaders in their home lodges.

Paige M., Lowwapaneu Lodge, 2022

These Arrowmen did not know how much they would get out of NLS when they first arrived, but as the weekend went on they started to realize just how impactful this training is on their Scouting careers, but most importantly how they can have that impact on others as a leader. They learned many valuable skills, but also learned ideas for how they can go home and improve their lodges and units.

NLS was an incredible experience that brought about a new degree of interest in leadership within myself. By meeting people from around my region, I was able to learn important communication skills in addition to the course contents. At the time of the course, I was a Camp Chief for my lodge, but now, I am also a Section Secretary. The skills learned at NLS encouraged me to run for this position and properly exercise my communication skills.  Additionally, Operation Everest was a game I found to be challenging yet rewarding. It forced everyone to socialize with all other participants. The true reward was the skills and lessons gained. Overall, NLS was a rewarding experience which I encourage all other active youth members to attend. (John P., Tschitani Lodge, 2022)

NLS changes lives. Some of the lives changed most are our staff members. Here is one staff member’s take:

My experience with NLS has gifted me with not just leadership and communication skills, but also some of the most prominent friendships in my life. Anyone who attends this course will leave its doors a better person with stronger skills, as well as newfound, lifelong relationships. (Mike F., Woapalanne Lodge, 2022)

National Leadership Seminar has changed the lives of many people and has helped them to grow as leaders, both as a learner and staffer. It’s never too late to register! Our next courses are September 16-18 in Alpine, NJ, and September 23-25 in San Antonio, TX. Registration closes in just a few short weeks. You can register at Our other courses are as follows:

November 11-13 | Memphis, TN (Eastern)

December 9-11 | Talladega, AL (Eastern)

For more information about your region’s NLS, visit For registrations, go to