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The national Order of the Arrow chairman answers your questions on a regular basis. You may contact the chairman, Mike Hoffman, at @email.

Ask the Chairman - Assistant Scoutmaster

Q. Ray,
Can a Scoutmaster ask that a 20yr old Assistant Scoutmaster who had been a first class scout or higher with a current 15 days and nights of camping be placed on his units OA ballot?


Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Elections: Withdrawing a Candidate

Q. Mr. Capp,
I am having a meeting tonight with a Troop that is having a problem with one of the Scouts that has been elected to become an Order of the Arrow candidate. He has not been called out yet. The Troop wants to withdraw/cancelled his nomination. Here are my questions:

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - How can I be involved in the Order’s centennial celebration outside of NOAC?

Q. I know registration for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference is at capacity and the likelihood of me attending NOAC is very slim at this point. Therefore, what else can I do to be part of the 100th anniversary of the OA?

Ask the Chairman - Can a unit election be conducted in American Indian regalia?

Q. Dear Ray,

A unit has requested that our election team conduct their election in American Indian regalia. I have never seen this.  Is it okay for our team to do an election out of uniform?
An Adviser Seeking Advice

A. Dear Adviser,

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Will NOACs return to being held every two years?

Q: Ray,
Now that the 100th anniversaries of the BSA and OA have passed, will the Order of the Arrow return to hosting national conferences every two years?

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Venturing Crew

The information on this page may not reflect the changes to the Order of the Arrow membership requirements effective February 1, 2019.

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman