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The national Order of the Arrow chairman answers your questions on a regular basis. You may contact the chairman, Mike Hoffman, at @email.

Ask the Chairman - Region Patch

Q: Hello Mike,

I have acquired an OA region patch and I was wondering if it could be worn on my field uniform (class A)? If so, where would it go? Thank you.



A: Ellis,

Jan 24, 2018   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Adult District Nomination

Q: Good morning Brother Mike,

Jan 24, 2018   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Nomination Process

Q: Since the OA is a national honor society, why aren't all Eagle Scouts OA members? Although I understand the idea of a totally boy-chosen honor, do you think the OA would ever change its policies in order to induct Scouts who may be left out but still worthy of the Order? I am not saying that the boys inducted aren't worthy, because they are; it is just that, in my opinion, all Eagle Scouts should be worthy of induction, and if there were Eagle Scouts who are not inducted, that they should be. What are your thoughts on this?

Jan 23, 2018   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Order of the Arrow Sash

Q. When should the OA sash be worn?

A. Your OA sash, wear it at OA events and when you represent the OA, over the right shoulder, never over the belt.

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Legacy Project Lodge History Book

Q. Our Lodge is working on the Legacy Project history book. To whom should we send our lodge history PDF? What will be done with it? Should our lodge bring a hardcopy for display at NOAC? Do we bring it home after the conference or donate it to the museum following NOAC?