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Ask the Chairman - Adult District Nomination

January 24, 2018     Ask the Chairman

Q: Good morning Brother Mike,

On the adult nomination form there is a section which denotes a nomination for a district/council Scouter. My question is, who can be the nominating person for this Scouter? In other words, can anyone nominate a district/council Scouter? Can a chartered organization representative submit a nomination for a district/council Scouter?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



A: Rob,

I would expect to see a district/council Scouter nominated by a district officer, and for their title to appear in the prescribed space on the form. The thing that is most important is for the nominator to detail how the nominee meets the long and short-term camping requirements and fulfills the issues specified on the backside of the form. While chartered organization representatives are asked to vote on district issues, that doesn’t make them members of the district committee or district Scouters. Their nominations would be limited to Scouters in their unit, in conjunction with the unit committee.

As the adult nomination form stipulates, adults are selected based on “the ability to perform the necessary functions and not for recognition of service.” That means the Order has a need and the nominee has skills to fulfill that need.

I hope this helps! Thanks for doing what you do!