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Ask the Chairman - Brotherhood Never Awarded

January 24, 2018     Ask the Chairman

Q: Mike,

I feel I met the Brotherhood requirements as a youth, but was never "advanced" to Brotherhood. Is there some way I can receive that advancement as an adult? I have served for 5 years as the COR for my unit, then after passing the baton, I have served as an assistant district commissioner (still serving in that capacity). Thanks.



A: Dan,

Thank you for your question, and for your continued service to Scouting. Brotherhood membership in our Order is not an award or honor. It is simply a matter of completing your induction by sealing your membership. I would like you to read pages 55 and 56-61 of the 2015 edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook. This will help you understand what it all means, as well as the process. The specific challenges are listed on page 57. Becoming a Brotherhood member is a decision that you- and you alone- make. When you are ready, contact your local lodge and tell them you would like to seal your membership. As you will discover in your reading of your handbook, it does challenge you to become more involved in the work of the Order. I am sure your lodge will welcome you as their newest Brotherhood member.

I hope this helps! Thanks for doing what you do!