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Ask the Chairman - Reconnecting with Scouting and the OA

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Q: Hi Mike,

I'm volunteering with my son's troop in Champaign, IL. Is there a way a former lodge member (Monaken Lodge 103, inducted 1979) can order a flap from a lodge? The only thing my folks saved when they cleaned out the house was my sash, Eagle pin, and Scout progress record book, which turned out to have my lodge membership card stapled in it. I'd prefer wearing a flap from the lodge where I was inducted. Odd question, I know!




A: Hal,

Thank you for your question, and thank you for getting back involved with your son. It means a lot to the Order, as well as to your son.

The policy on lodge membership appears on page 48 of the 2015 edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook.  For your reading I am including it here:

“Members of the Order of the Arrow may be official dues-paying (and in the case of youth, voting) members of only one lodge, that being the lodge chartered to the council where they have their primary Scouting registration. Members may only wear the lodge pocket flap of the lodge where their dues are paid. Therefore, the lodge pocket flap must match the council shoulder patch of the council to which the lodge belongs.”

As you state, your primary registration is with Prairielands Council in Champaign, IL. Therefore, if you wear a lodge flap, it has to be the flap of Illini Lodge that provides service to that council.  Our Order is all about service to Scouting and the community in which we live. Many of us have nostalgic memories of the good times we had in the lodge of our youth, but our obligation belongs to the area in which we live, and we need to set that example for those who are always observing us. Like you I was inducted as a youth in a different lodge, Awase Lodge in Wisconsin, and have very fond memories. Today I live in Phoenix and am very proud to wear their flap! Again, my thanks for your involvement and the example you set.

I hope this helps! Thanks for doing what you do!