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The national Order of the Arrow chairman answers your questions on a regular basis. You may contact the chairman, Mike Hoffman, at @email.

Ask the Chairman - Call-Outs

Q. Our lodge is telling us we cannot do call-outs in our district until the first of June. Is this a national policy?

Sep 09, 2012   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Unit Elections

Q. Does a Scout need to be present during the unit elections to have his name on the OA ballot, if he meets the other requirements?

Apr 12, 2012   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Dual Membership

Q. Seems like there are a lot of opinions out there about the policy concerning membership in more than one lodge:

Jan 23, 2012   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Unable to Attend the Ordeal

Q. Does a scout have to be elected again if he is unable to attend the Ordeal? Does he have to be called-out before an Ordeal?

Jan 03, 2012   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - A Popularity Contest

Q. How do you keep the elections from being a popularity contest? Some scouts who meet the requirements and definitely have the qualities of a true Boy Scout are not elected. They meet the qualifications year after year. Even the other Scouts are surprised certain Scouts are never elected.

Jul 24, 2011   Ask the Chairman