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Ask the Chairman

The national Order of the Arrow chairman answers your questions on a regular basis. You may contact the chairman, Mike Hoffman, at @email.

Ask the Chairman - Camp Staff

Q. Dear Ray,
I am my Lodge’s Chapter Chief and people have been asking me about how to get one particular person from Camp Staff into the Order. He definitely deserves to be in our Order. The thing is that he was never allowed into a Troop as a youth.

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - How was the new national chairman chosen?

Q: Ray,
I have heard that there is a transition happening and that the OA will have a new chairman, soon. How does this process happen, and can you tell us who the new chairman is and how we communicate with him?
Your frequent pen pal,

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Journey to Excellence

Q. Hello Ray,
In our Lodge Journey to Excellence, does lodge member attendance at national events (such as NOAC) mean just contingent Arrowmen, or contingent plus staff Arrowmen?


Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - NOAC 2015 Day Passes/Visitors

Q. Ray,

Several parents have asked me about obtaining a visitor’s pass for the day to visit their son while at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, similar to the national Scout jamboree. Is this possible? How would I go about obtaining such a pass?

Oct 29, 2016   Ask the Chairman