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Ask the Chairman - Can members who are not dues paid wear a lodge flap?

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman

Q. Mr. Capp,
In my lodge there is a question that is always asked. Can a Scout or Scouter who completed their Ordeal continue to wear the lodge flap even though they have not paid their dues or attended any events?

Thank you very much,

A. Glen,
Thank you for your question about wearing lodge flaps. This is addressed on page 58 of the Order of the Arrow Handbook. It will be covered even further in the 2015 edition which will be available this summer.

An Order of the Arrow member can always wear their sash and the Universal Arrow Ribbon once they have completed the induction. However, wearing a lodge flap indicates that their current dues are paid in the specific lodge that the flap represents. So, if the individual has not paid their dues, they should remove the flap from their uniform.

I hope this helps your understanding.
Ray Capp