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Formal announcements from the Order of the Arrow.

Lodge Adviser Training

<p>The Lodge Adviser Training task force is taking many of the administrative topics from the current National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar course and transforming them into online training modules. Most of these topics are also covered in the <a href="/resources/publications#lah">Lodge Adviser Handbook</a> and the <a href="/resources/publications#cog">Chapter Operations Guide</a>. The formal weekend national adviser training can then concentrate on the more difficult soft skills required of an adviser.</p> <p>As an interim step before a full distance learning format is in place, the first modules are now available.</p> <p>Available Lodge Adviser Training Sessions</p> <ul> <li>LA-100 - Lodge Organization and Structure</li> <li>LA-101 - Lodge Positions and their Roles and Responsibilities</li> <li>LA-102 - Lodge Adviser Resources</li> <li>LA-103 - Conducting a Lodge Needs Assessment</li> <li>LA-104 - Fundraising</li> </ul> <p>These session are available on the <a href="" target="_blank">OA Training website</a> in the <a href="" target="_blank">Lodge Adviser Training section</a>.</p> <p>Constructive feedback on these modules can be sent to&nbsp;<a href=""></a>.</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
The lasting legacies of ArrowCorps5

<p>In 2008 the Order of the Arrow, in conjunction with the US Forest Service, coordinated a nationwide service project with over 5,000 Arrowmen in attendance. The project-called <em>ArrowCorps<sup>5</sup></em>-encompassed five sites and took place over five weeks. The sites-Mark Twain National Forest, Manti-La Sal National Forest, George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Bridger-Teton National Forest-are all federal lands and the project is, to this date, the largest service project ever completed by any federal land management agency and the largest by the Boy Scouts of America since World War II.<br /> <br /> The first phase of <em>ArrowCorps<sup>5</sup></em> began in Missouri. The goal for Mark Twain National Forest was to remove invasive cedar trees from the glade areas of the forest, allowing for the growth of native grasses. Glades are a unique ecosystem that are only found in the Ozarks and are characterized by thin, rocky soil and a steep slope, which normally only allows for grasses and other hardy plants to survive. However, over a period of time cedar trees, which were introduced by settlers, have invaded the glades, largely wiping out many species who only survive in this environment. Arrowmen were able to help restore over 100 acres of glades to how they were before European settlement in the area.<br /> <br /> The work on Manti-La Sal National Forest began as Arrowmen congregated in Utah and worked hard to remove invasive Tamarisk, a small deciduous tree, from the forest. Tamarisk are a big problem in Utah because they grow abundantly and are very flammable, increasing the chances a wildfire may catch. The Arrowmen were able to clear 13,000 acres of Tamarisk, successfully lowering the risk of wildfire in the area.<br /> <br /> The following week’s event was held at the Washington and Jefferson National Forests in Virginia. The volunteers present had the opportunity to build and maintain 65 miles of trails, including the construction of the “Arrow Corp Loop Trail.” Today, the 8.3 mile trail is being used by a wide range of visitors, connecting to Dry Run and Fore Mountain Trail.<br /> <br /> Next, the project continued at Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The project continued until the 19th, and consisted of improving the Pacific Crest Trail, cleaning up an illegal dump site, and fuel reduction to help prevent wildfires. They cleared over 100 miles of trail, removed over twenty tons of waste and repaired four US Forest Service comfort stations and one lookout tower.<br /> <br /> The final stage took place at Bridger Teton National Forest. Over 1,000 Arrowmen gathered in Wyoming to improve trails, remove fencing, conduct erosion control and improve wildlife habitats. They also built the “Arrow Trail”, an intermediate 4.5 mile trail which is heavily used by mountain bikers and hikers today.<br /> <br /> During <em>ArrowCorps<sup>5</sup></em>, over 280,000 service hours were performed by over 3,600 volunteers. The impact made by those Scouts valued more than 5.6 million dollars, demonstrating the Order’s dedication to service. The sheer amount of conservation work provided by Arrowmen during <em>ArrowCorps<sup>5</sup></em> has a continuing impact on our national parks. Their dedicated service restored habitats, removed invasive species and created trails used by the millions of visitors to our national parks each year. This would not have been possible without thousands of Arrowmen volunteers, all willing to provide meaningful and lasting service to their country’s parks.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
NEXT Conference Vice Chiefs Selected

<p>NEXT could not be accomplished without strong youth leadership. During the 2015 National Planning Meeting, the section chiefs elected the NEXT conference vice chiefs (CVCs) that will lead the program of NEXT: A New Century. The CVCs are tasked with not only creating, but also delivering the program at NEXT. Learn more about these Arrowmen!</p> <h3>Experience: Patrick Mapp</h3> <p>“I’m excited to plan and produce a top-of-the-line experience for the delegates of NEXT.”</p> <p>SR-9 Section Chief Patrick Mapp is from Flint River Council in Griffin, GA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Ini-To Lodge, as well as the recipient of the Centurion and Founder’s Awards. Patrick is studying political science at Gordon State College. He enjoys hiking, white water rafting&nbsp;and spending time with his&nbsp;family and friends in his spare time. A fun fact about Patrick is that he spends his summers working at the Summit Bechtel Family Reserve.</p> <h3>Innovation: Tyler Harris</h3> <p>“I am super excited to see the change agents of the Order of the Arrow come together to explore a new style of leadership that embraces risks and failure, dares to asks new questions, and employs radical creativity.”</p> <p>C-7 Section Chief Tyler Harris is from the Pathway to Adventure Council in Arlington Heights, IL. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Lakota Lodge. He studies finance and theology at the University of Notre Dame. In his spare time, he enjoys jazz, camping, social entrepreneurship, and cultural immersion. A fun fact about Tyler is that he has gone shark diving on the filming location for Shark Week. He cites a quote from Mark Twain as the inspiration for his committee: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”</p> <h3>Inspiration: Lane Randall</h3> <p>“NEXT is our chance to set the course for the Order of the Arrow’s second century.”</p> <p>SR-2/3S Section Chief Lane Randall is from the Sam Houston Area Council in Houston, TX. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Colonneh Lodge. He studies marketing at the University of North Texas. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and graphic design. A fun fact about Lane is that he broke his arm playing tag when he was in the fourth grade.</p> <h3>Membership: Matthew Henry</h3> <p>“I’m looking forward to seeing how we shape the program to inform Arrowmen of membership problems.”</p> <p>NE-5B Section Chief Matt Henry is from the Minsi Trails Council in Allentown, PA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Witauchsoman Lodge, and is an assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 84. Matt is studying political science at Lock Haven University. He enjoys watching and following politics and reading in his spare time. A fun fact about Matt is that he enjoys working at his council’s Cub Scout summer camp each summer.</p> <h3>Messaging: Forrest Gertin</h3> <p>“I’m excited to crystallize the message of NEXT so that members&nbsp;are prepared and motivated to effect meaningful change.”</p> <p>NE-3A Section Chief Forrest Gertin is from the Seneca Waterways Council in Rochester, NY. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Tschipey Achtu Lodge. Forrest is a senior at McQuaid Jesuit High School. He enjoys cycling and debate in his free time. A fun fact about Forrest is that he has biked around Lake Ontario.</p> <h3>Program: Preston Podolske</h3> <p>“I am looking forward to see the future of the Order of the Arrow to shape itself from giant rocks to well-designed sculptures in every lodge across the country.”</p> <p>C-1B Section Chief Preston Podolske is from the Bay Lakes Council in Appleton, WI. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Kon Wapos Lodge and is the recipient of the Founder’s Award. Preston is double majoring in accounting and finance at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega and enjoys biking and paddleboarding in his spare time. A fun fact about Preston is that he is color blind.</p> <h3>Strategy: Nate Steele</h3> <p>“With a new century of excellence behind us, I look forward to the innovative thoughts and practices that will launch us into a new century of brotherhood, cheerfulness&nbsp;and service.”</p> <p>C-4B Section Chief Nate Steele is from the Muskingum Valley Council in Zanesville, OH. He is and Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Netawatees Lodge, as well as the recipient of the Venturing Leadership Award, the Silver Award and the Founder’s Awards. Nate is studying mechanical engineering at Ohio State University. He enjoys skiing, backpacking and exploring in his free time. A fun fact about Nate is that he is the proud owner of a tandem bicycle that he enjoys riding with his friends around campus.</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements, NEXT 2016
LLD Fact Sheet

<p>With every OA function comes the need for planning and leadership. The Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) program offers lodges the chance to provide trainings aimed at improving leadership and teaching about the many facets of the Order. Planning your own LLD? Take a look at these tips to make your next LLD a memorable one.</p> <h3>#1: Plan Ahead</h3> <p>Success starts early. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your event.</p> <ul> <li>The LLD committee – Under the guidance of a committee chair and adviser, an LLD committee is responsible for planning and carrying out an LLD.</li> <li>Organize - Divide responsibilities among the committee to break up important tasks and to ensure their completion.</li> <li>Promotion – Once a date and location for the LLD are set, utilize your resources to promote the event well in advance. Strong attendance greatly enhances the training environment.</li> </ul> <h3>#2: Choose the Right Trainings</h3> <p>Be sure to offer the right trainings that will make your event a success.</p> <ul> <li>Set goals – What do you want Arrowmen to get out of the LLD? Tailor your trainings to help your lodge achieve these goals.</li> <li>Mix it up – Have a range of topics to reach the interests of a wide audience. Choose trainings that appeal to a variety of Arrowmen.</li> <li>Find the time – Cramming too much information into a brief session can be overwhelming. On the contrary, dragging a topic on for too long can ruin even the best session. Allot an appropriate amount of time to each training.</li> <li>Prepare – Once you’ve chosen your trainings, find the right trainers for each session. Put time into these trainings to make them the best they can be.</li> </ul> <h3>#3: Know Your Location</h3> <p>Familiarizing yourself with the location of your trainings is key.</p> <ul> <li>Utilize your space - trainings don’t need to be two-dimensional. Proper use of the tools and location available can bring trainings to life.</li> <li>Avoid the classroom feel – In addition to being about brotherhood, cheerfulness and service, the OA is also about having fun. Trainings don’t have to be boring. Find creative ways to make sessions engaging, like using a hands-on workshop or leadership role play.</li> <li>Be prepared – Don’t let a last minute issue ruin a training. Know how to use your equipment and always have a backup plan.</li> </ul> <h3>#4: Incorporate What You Learned</h3> <ul> <li>Training sessions at your Lodge Leadership Development can be informative and inspiring. However, they are nothing if what you learned never leaves the training room. Look ahead to upcoming lodge affairs, activities, and events to figure out how you can get the most out of your training and apply it to bettering the leadership in your lodge! &nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>For a more in depth look at your Lodge Leadership Development, be sure to check out the <a href="/resources/publications#lldpg">LLD Planning Guide</a>.</p> <p><a href="/uploads/resources/OA_Fact_Sheet_LLD_2016.pdf">Download the LLD Fact Sheet</a></p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
OA Summit Celebration patch sale

<p>Starting on April 15, individuals will be able to purchase two unique, limited-edition patches as members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee and other special guests convene for the Summit Circle Dedication in West Virginia.</p> <h3>Summit Celebration 6” commemorative patch</h3> <p>Celebrate the completion of the Summit Circle with this 6” commemorative laser-cut patch featuring the gateway, fire ring, and Brotherhood tree at the Summit Circle. The Summit Circle, located at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, is the first project completed from the Centennial Campaign. The proceeds from this patch will help celebrate the centennial anniversary of the OA and go towards the Summit Circle and other Centennial Campaign projects.</p> <p>The sale of the Summit Celebration patch starts on <strong>April 15 at 12pm noon ET</strong> and ends when <strong>all patches are sold</strong>.</p> <h3>The induction tests flap set</h3> <p>The three flaps are embroidered on felt with red metallic edges illustrating the casting from the Summit Circle each representing the 3 tests of the Order. The flaps will be mounted in a 8.5” x 11” portfolio with a description of the original induction tests of Wimachtendienk. Each folder will be signed by the 2009-2016 National Order of the Arrow Committee Chairman <a href="">Ray Capp</a>, who is also the artist of the sculptures. This item is part of a numbered set which is limited to 500 folders. The proceeds from this set will go into the national OA endowment to fund programs of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, including lodge service grant awards and our service to the National Council at BSA high adventure properties.</p> <p>The sale of the induction tests flap set starts on <strong>April 15 at 12pm noon ET</strong> and ends once the 500 folders are sold out. <strong>A limit of 2 sets per person may be purchased.</strong></p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
2013 Annual Report

<p>The 2013 Annual Report is available in the Publications Section. Download your copy of the <a href="/resources/publications#annualreports">2013 Annual Report here</a>.</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
New Brotherhood Ceremony Information

<p>Conclave demonstrations of the proposed new Ceremony for the Brotherhood have concluded, and your voices have been heard! The national Order of the Arrow committee has approved the new Brotherhood Ceremony, pending the incorporation of revisions based on over 3,700 individual responses. It will be published electronically on this webpage&nbsp;in password-protected format once the revised text has been reviewed and approved by the BSA. Look for it in mid-2014. When released, the new ceremony will be optional for use in the remainder of 2014, and then become the only approved Ceremony for the Brotherhood starting January 1, 2015.</p> <p>In preparation for the new ceremony, notes for principals and advisers are now available. <a href="/article/new-brotherhood-ceremony">Read the full information about the new ceremony here</a>.&nbsp;</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
2017 William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt Scholarship

<p>William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt, author of the Handbook for Patrol Leaders and America’s first Wood Badge&nbsp;Scoutmaster, was the father of BSA youth leader training. Very few experiences develop servant leadership as&nbsp;effectively as service on the Order of the Arrow National Jamboree staff. With that in mind, the “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt&nbsp;Foundation and the Order of the Arrow will award a limited number of scholarships to assist youth Arrowmen committed&nbsp;to serving the OA and Scouting as members of the national jamboree Order of the Arrow staff. Youth Arrowmen who&nbsp;wish to apply for a scholarship should forward this completed application to the national service center at the address&nbsp;listed below by <strong>December 31, 2016</strong>. The amount of the scholarship will be a maximum of $250. Recipients will be&nbsp;selected from amongst applicants based on merit and need. Each recipient chosen will be notified by <strong>January 31, 2017</strong>&nbsp;and the scholarship amount will be applied toward the 2017 National Jamboree staff fee.</p> <p><a href="">Download the scholarship application</a></p>

Tell the world why you #ChooseOA

<p>As a member of the Order of the Arrow, you chose to be a part of an organization greater than yourself; an organization whose mission is to instill the values of selfless service and devotion to others in the minds of every boy who joins the Scouting program. Sensing your dedication to these values, your fellow Scouts called you to take part in something beyond yourself. That call, in part, requires you to spread the message of the Order of the Arrow to those Scouts and Scouters who have not yet had the opportunity to join the OA, and to choose to be a part of the movement beyond simply completing your Ordeal.</p> <p>The Order of the Arrow has always valued the preservation of tradition. In many ways, it is that tradition which makes the Order of the Arrow such a valuable program. The traditions which we hold so close tell us to be cheerful, even in arduous labor. They tell us to be mindful of the needs of others, and to place those needs before our own. These traditions help to build the tightest bonds of brotherhood that the Boy Scouts of America has ever seen.</p> <p>When immersed in the experiences of our brotherhood, it becomes easy to forget that those who chose you need you. Even so, while many lodges across the nation enjoy a healthy brotherhood conversion rate, many more struggle to meet Journey to Excellence standards. This is not because the state of our brotherhood is weak. On the contrary, membership retention levels for the OA are higher than those of the BSA at large. However, simply remaining part of our brotherhood isn’t enough.</p> <p>Now, more than ever, it is time that we as Arrowmen show the world why we chose to participate in this brotherhood. It is time to show Scouting what it means to live a life of servant leadership, of unselfish service and of devotion to one’s brothers. This is why, over the last several months, the National Order of the Arrow Committee has worked to compile a bank of resources to aid in accomplishing this goal. Some of the resources that have been developed include:</p> <blockquote> <p><strong>OA unit election materials:</strong> In the annual JTE report for 2015, many units reported that the OA unit election is the least desirable OA experience. To help ensure that OA unit elections are a great experience, the #ChooseOA team has put together a new presentation complete with a cheat sheet on how to more successfully conduct the OA unit election. This is the first interaction that many new Scouts and Scouters will ever have with the Order of the Arrow; let’s make it a great one!</p> <p><strong>#ChooseOA brochure:</strong> Many parents, unit leaders and professional Scouters who are not OA members report having very little knowledge on what the OA is; we’ve developed something to help them understand. The #ChooseOA tri-fold brochure will serve as a tool for lodges to take to unit elections, new member orientations, and other OA events to spread the message. We’ve also included a blank page that lodges can customize to talk specifically about their program.</p> <p><strong>#ChooseOA information booth:</strong> Resources for an OA information booth at non-OA events have been developed, and are ready to go to your next council camporee or district roundtable.</p> </blockquote> <p>These resources, among others, were debuted at <a href="/program/events/next-2016">NEXT: A New Century</a> this August in Bloomington, IN. To find out more information on these resources visit the <a href="">#ChooseOA</a>.<br /> Remember, those who chose you need you! It’s time to tell the world why you decided to <a href="">#ChooseOA</a>, and encourage those around you to do the same!</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
New Brotherhood Ceremony Released

<p>The new Brotherhood Ceremony is available for download and immediate use by lodges in the <a href="/resources/publications#cbrotherhood">Publications Section</a>.&nbsp; This new ceremony is optional through December 31, 2014, and becomes the only official Brotherhood Ceremony starting on January 1, 2015.</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
ICE Portal Launch

<p>Inductions are a crucial facet of the Order of the Arrow. Each lodge has a responsibility to run their inductions and ceremonies in a way that will be memorable for each candidate and will ensure that each member of the OA shares a similar experience. This can be a difficult thing to ask of lodges, so resources have been made available to help improve lodge inductions and ceremonies. These resources are now compiled and available in an online portal for all those who are interested. Learn more about the OA’s induction process and help your lodge grow at <a href="/resources/inductions"></a>.</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements
2014 National Planning Meeting

<p>Each December, all the section chiefs are invited to attend a National Planning Meeting, held near Dallas, Texas. During this event, they elect the national officers for the coming year, and plan for the upcoming program of emphasis. The National Order of the Arrow Committee also meets during this time.</p> <h3>National Officer Elections</h3> <p>Congratulations to <strong>2015&nbsp;National Chief&nbsp;Alex Call</strong>.&nbsp;Alex is a Vigil Honor member from Karankawa Lodge, South Texas Council #577.</p> <p>Congratulations to <strong>2015&nbsp;National Vice Chief Donald Stephens</strong>. Donald&nbsp;is from Lowwapaneu Lodge,&nbsp;Northeastern Pennsylvania Council #501.</p> <p>Congratulations to the new region chiefs:</p> <p><strong>Joseph Dierdorf&nbsp;elected as the Central Region chief<br /> Matt Bell&nbsp;elected as the Northeast Region chief<br /> Alexander Leach elected as the Southern Region chief<br /> Nathan Lee elected as the Western Region chief</strong></p> <h3>NOAC 2015 Conference Vice Chiefs</h3> <p><a href="/pages/content/noac-2015-conference-vice-chiefs">Conference vice chiefs were elected</a> by the section chiefs to lead each program committee at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference. Learn more about these Arrowmen as they enter into their new leadership roles.</p> <h3>2015 National Officer Request Form</h3> <p>The<a href="/resources/forms#officerrequest"> 2015 National OA Youth Officer Event Attendance Request Form</a> is now available to invite a national officer to your event.</p> <h3>2015&nbsp;National Officer Biographies</h3> <p>The <a href="/article/2015-national-officer-biographies">section chiefs have elected the new officers for 2015</a>. Learn more about our six new officers!</p> <h3>2015&nbsp;OA Service Grant Recipients</h3> <p>For 2015, 16 lodges in councils across the Nation were chosen to receive a combined total of $50,000 dollars in matching grants via the <a href="/article/2015-oa-service-grant-recipients">2015 OA Service Grant program</a>.</p> <h3>NOAC 2015 Theme</h3> <p>The announcement of the NOAC 2015&nbsp;theme, <em>It Starts with Us</em>&nbsp;was live broadcasted to Arrowmen around the world. Watch the recorded video to learn how the section chiefs selected the theme.</p>

Oct 29, 2016   Announcements