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Arrowmen Press Corps FAQ


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Q: What is the Arrowmen Press Corps (APC)?
A: The purpose of the Arrowmen Press Corps program is to identify local Arrowmen producing content and bring them on to the national OA communications team to highlight local happenings at the chapter and lodge level.

Q: How can I become involved in the Arrowmen Press Corps?
A: You can become involved in the Arrowmen Press Corps by signing up for at least one of the following teams: photography, videography and writing.

Team Descriptions

  • Writers should submit at least 3 articles a year. Articles should be about interesting events from one’s chapter, lodge or section. Additionally, writers should submit at least two pictures that are relevant to each individual article.

  • Photographers should submit at least 10 photographs a year, along with a caption that describes each photograph. Photographs should be able to capture the image of what being an Arrowman truly means or images of Arrowmen in action.

  • Videographers should produce at least 3 videos a year. Videos should be about unique chapter, lodge or section events or showcase Arrowmen in action.

Q: How do I sign up for the Arrowmen Press Corps?
A: You can sign up by clicking the “sign up” link at the bottom of the Arrowmen Press Corps page. Within 2 weeks of registering, you should receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the team with more details.

Q: Is there a recognition item for being an Arrowmen Press Corps representative?
A: Yes there is! Each of the three teams has its own set of requirements to earn either a silver or gold level patch. Requirement details are available on the Arrowmen Press Corps page

Q: By participating in the Arrowmen Press Corps, am I guaranteed a spot in the APC at the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)?
A: Although the year-round program is based off the popular APC program at NOAC, the year-round program operates separately from the NOAC APC. Registration for APC at NOAC will be conducted separately from registration for the year-round program.

Q: What if I have a question about the Arrowmen Press Corps that is not listed above?
A:You may contact for any other questions or concerns on the Arrowmen Press Corps program.