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Breaking news from the Order of the Arrow.

NEXT Security Brief

The NEXT Security Staff welcomes you to the conference and wishes you a pleasant and safe visit in Bloomington. We ask that you review and abide by the 2016 Next Code of Conduct during your stay.

Jul 13, 2016   Announcements
NEXT Strategy

NEXT delegates will face tough problems as they look beyond into the second century of the Order of the Arrow. Some of these problems may seem familiar and some will be daunting, but each lodge selected delegates who can be the ones to solve these problems.

Jul 13, 2016   Announcements
Boy Scouts of America Resolution Celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow

WHEREAS, in the fledgling years of Scouting, E. Urner Goodman, a young camp director, and Carroll A. Edson, his assistant, searched for a meaningful way to recognize those Scouts in camp who best exemplified the Scout Oath and the Scout Law in their daily lives;

Oct 05, 2015   Announcements
The New Brotherhood Ceremony

The Big Picture

In our history of nearly 100 years as the Order of the Arrow, few changes have been made to our ceremonies. Many of these changes were made around the time of our founding. The last time a new ceremony was introduced was 1979.

Jun 29, 2014   Announcements
ArrowTour Boarding Pass

This week at the BSA National Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN, 500 ArrowTour boarding passes were distributed to council leaders and they were asked to give the boarding pass to Arrowmen in their home council.

May 23, 2014   Announcements
National Trails Day - June 7, 2014

The Order of the Arrow has teamed up with American Hiking Society (AHS) to offer our Scouts and Scouters more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. For years, it has been our purpose to enjoy the outdoors as well as to be its stewards.

Mar 30, 2014   Announcements
NOAC 2015 - 100 Plus Club

With an expected attendance of 10,000 Arrowmen, a lot of recruitment among local lodges will be needed. The 100 Plus Club is a challenge to lodges to bring 100 or more of their members to NOAC 2015.

Mar 17, 2014   Announcements
100 Plus Club and Chiefs' Circle

The 100 Plus Club and the Chiefs' Circle challenge are for lodges that have made a commitment to the number of attendees they will bring to NOAC 2015. The lodges who make the commitment and achieve their goals will be recognized in several ways after all fees have been paid.

Mar 17, 2014   Announcements
New 2014 JTE Resources Released

Two new resources have been posted to the national website to assist lodges and chapters in earning their 2014 Journey to Excellence (JTE) recognition.

Mar 10, 2014   Announcements
NOAC 2015 - Chiefs' Circle

With an expected attendance of 10,000 Arrowmen, a lot of recruitment among local lodges will be needed.

Mar 07, 2014   Announcements