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What is #ChooseOA?


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Finally, the answer to your lodge and chapter’s marketing needs is here. Last summer the National Order of the Arrow Committee began rolling out a new initiative aimed at addressing the marketing needs of lodge and chapter officers. With #ChooseOA, those lofty JTE goals are finally within reach.

#ChooseOA is a marketing and social media campaign which allows active OA members to share the reasons they became involved and chose to stay involved with the Order of the Arrow; simply put, why they #ChooseOA. These testimonials, paired with a resource repository, will hopefully prompt other audiences (including elected candidates, OA alumni, parents, and Scoutmasters) to learn more about the leadership and program opportunities the OA offers, and to either become involved in the program themselves, or support the program’s goals.

A major part of #ChooseOA is the resource repository, rich with materials to help lodges curtail low Brotherhood conversion rates, appease the concerned unit leader, and calm the anxious parent. Our goal is to reach out to the greater Scouting community and educate them about the Order of the Arrow and its valuable program.

Last summer, at NEXT: A New Century, more than 800 Arrowmen received 7,000 resources to take home to their lodge and council events. All of those resources have been made available in the online repository. It is completely stocked with materials to help deliver an outstanding unit election, a concise new member orientation, and a vibrant information booth at your next council function.

Our team is not done - in 2017, we will continue to grow this repository to meet the needs of local officers and Scouting units. As Arrowmen, it is on us to share the valuable Order of the Arrow program to the Scouting community, and encourage those selected and inducted Arrowmen to #ChooseOA and be active in their local lodge or chapter.

Go to to download the latest set of #ChooseOA resources and be sure to go out and tell your friends why you #ChooseOA.