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Lodge Adviser Training


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The Lodge Adviser Training task force is taking many of the administrative topics from the current National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar course and transforming them into online training modules. Most of these topics are also covered in the Lodge Adviser Handbook and the Chapter Operations Guide. The formal weekend national adviser training can then concentrate on the more difficult soft skills required of an adviser.

As an interim step before a full distance learning format is in place, the first modules are now available.

Available Lodge Adviser Training Sessions

  • LA-100 - Lodge Organization and Structure
  • LA-101 - Lodge Positions and their Roles and Responsibilities
  • LA-102 - Lodge Adviser Resources
  • LA-103 - Conducting a Lodge Needs Assessment
  • LA-104 - Fundraising

These session are available on the OA Training website in the Lodge Adviser Training section.

Constructive feedback on these modules can be sent to @email.