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LLD Fact Sheet

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With every OA function comes the need for planning and leadership. The Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) program offers lodges the chance to provide trainings aimed at improving leadership and teaching about the many facets of the Order. Planning your own LLD? Take a look at these tips to make your next LLD a memorable one.

#1: Plan Ahead

Success starts early. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your event.

  • The LLD committee – Under the guidance of a committee chair and adviser, an LLD committee is responsible for planning and carrying out an LLD.
  • Organize - Divide responsibilities among the committee to break up important tasks and to ensure their completion.
  • Promotion – Once a date and location for the LLD are set, utilize your resources to promote the event well in advance. Strong attendance greatly enhances the training environment.

#2: Choose the Right Trainings

Be sure to offer the right trainings that will make your event a success.

  • Set goals – What do you want Arrowmen to get out of the LLD? Tailor your trainings to help your lodge achieve these goals.
  • Mix it up – Have a range of topics to reach the interests of a wide audience. Choose trainings that appeal to a variety of Arrowmen.
  • Find the time – Cramming too much information into a brief session can be overwhelming. On the contrary, dragging a topic on for too long can ruin even the best session. Allot an appropriate amount of time to each training.
  • Prepare – Once you’ve chosen your trainings, find the right trainers for each session. Put time into these trainings to make them the best they can be.

#3: Know Your Location

Familiarizing yourself with the location of your trainings is key.

  • Utilize your space - trainings don’t need to be two-dimensional. Proper use of the tools and location available can bring trainings to life.
  • Avoid the classroom feel – In addition to being about brotherhood, cheerfulness and service, the OA is also about having fun. Trainings don’t have to be boring. Find creative ways to make sessions engaging, like using a hands-on workshop or leadership role play.
  • Be prepared – Don’t let a last minute issue ruin a training. Know how to use your equipment and always have a backup plan.

#4: Incorporate What You Learned

  • Training sessions at your Lodge Leadership Development can be informative and inspiring. However, they are nothing if what you learned never leaves the training room. Look ahead to upcoming lodge affairs, activities, and events to figure out how you can get the most out of your training and apply it to bettering the leadership in your lodge!  

For a more in depth look at your Lodge Leadership Development, be sure to check out the LLD Planning Guide.

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