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Boy Scouts of America Resolution Celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow

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WHEREAS, in the fledgling years of Scouting, E. Urner Goodman, a young camp director, and Carroll A. Edson, his assistant, searched for a meaningful way to recognize those Scouts in camp who best exemplified the Scout Oath and the Scout Law in their daily lives;

WHEREAS, on July 16, 1915, the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service began with the first induction ceremony conducted at Treasure Island Scout Camp;

WHEREAS, throughout its history, the Order of the Arrow, has focused on reinforcing and instilling the values of Scouting through service, example, ceremony, and tradition;

WHEREAS, the Order of Arrow became an official part of the Boy Scout program in 1948 and, with the formation of the National Committee, began to develop and provide significant leadership opportunities for its youth members;

WHEREAS, in the 1970s, members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee recognized the need for the Order of the Arrow to be self-supporting and provide program support and funding sources for the development of new programs and opportunities focused on service, integration, and leadership development, and to set an example for lodge and council leadership;

WHEREAS, the Order of the Arrow's service has grown, expanded, and continues from the early days of providing support, service, and maintenance at local camps, to the service corps and day of service conducted at National Jamborees, service and leadership development at each of the BSA's high adventure bases, and service to our national forests and nationals parks;

WHEREAS, building on its history of service and youth leadership development, the Order of the Arrow became known as Scouting's National Honor Society in 1999 to recognize the significant place and responsibility it had gained within the Boy Scouts of America through its example of servant leadership;

WHEREAS, the Order of the Arrow  celebrated its 100th Anniversary during the Centennial National Order of the Arrow Conference from August 3rd to 8th, 2015, at Michigan State University, with more than 15,000 participants and staff members in attendance; and

WHEREAS, the officers and members of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America take great pride in the example, service, and leadership that has been and will continue to be provided by members of the Order of the Arrow.



That the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America congratulates and expresses its sincere appreciation to the more than three million past and present members of the Order of the Arrow who have served diligently and faithfully during the past century to provide leadership in service to their council, community, and country; and, as the Order of the Arrow embarks on its second century of service, to its future members who we call upon and dare to continue to observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow through their cheerful service to others.

The undersigned, being duly elected and qualified officers of the Corporation, hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted by the Board of Directors of the Corporation on 7th day of October 2015.

Robert M. Gates


Tico Perez


Michael B. Surbaugh

Chief Scout Executive and Secretary