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SR-7A Arrowmen Assist in Potato and Produce Project at Conclave

Arrowmen spent part of the Section SR7-A Conclave bagging potatoes as part of a service project benefiting the S

Aug 06, 2013   Section Sentinel
Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #3 - Special Opportunities

Two special opportunities exist for lodges as we draw closer and closer to NOAC 2015. With an expected attendance of 10,000 Arrowmen, a lot of recruitment among local lodges will be needed. Here are the two major recruitment challenges:

Aug 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Ask the Chairman - Lodge Finance

Q. Ray,
I know that the council is the steward of the funds in our OA account. Can the council remove funds from the OA account at their discretion without LEC discussion or approval?

Thank You,

Jul 13, 2013   Ask the Chairman
Section Sentinel: SR-7B Arrowman Recognized With BSA's Honor Medal

Aaron Avelino, a seventeen-year-old Eagle Scout from Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge in Greensboro, North Carolina was recently recognized with the BSA Honor Medal.

Jul 09, 2013  
Section Sentinel: Clyde Mayer, Cheerfully Serving Our Order for Two Decades

Giving opportunities to young people serves as the core essence of Scouting for all adult advisers. To current OA Director Clyde Mayer, enabling youth today to become exemplary leaders tomorrow is the direction he wants all to follow.

Jul 09, 2013   Section Sentinel
Section Sentinel: Hillcourt Jamboree Staff Scholarships Awarded

Chris Grove, 2013 National Scout Jamboree vice chairman for Trek and Day of Service, is proud to announce that twenty deserving youth Arrowmen will receive scholarships to help alleviate their fees to serve on staff at Jamboree.  The scholarships of $250 each have been funded by the "Green Bar Bi

Jul 09, 2013   Section Sentinel
2013 Silver Buffalo Recipient: Ray Capp

Created in 1925, the Silver Buffalo Award for distinguished service to youth is awarded to those persons who give noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth. This award is Scouting's highest commendation of the invaluable contributions that outstanding Americans make to youth.

Jul 09, 2013   Section Sentinel
Lodge Ledger: NLS - Not Your Ordinary Leadership Seminar

If you were elected by the fellow Scouts in your troop, or if you are an adult who was nominated to become a member of the Order of the Arrow, you should think about why they chose you.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Ohio Lodge Creates Program to Engage Membership

Many lodges struggle with membership retention, and others with simply recruiting new ordeal members. Marnoc Lodge of Great Trail Council in northeast Ohio is no exception.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Community Outreach - Scatacook Chapter of Owaneco Lodge Reaches Out to Local School

Lodges across the country make service to their council, camp and community a focus of their yearly program. Recently, the Scatacook Chapter of Owaneco Lodge took its community service a step further. The chapter wanted to provide service to the community in a meaningful and special way.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Lodge History Spotlight - Tetonwana Lodge

Not many lodges make it 50 years, let alone 75. Based in eastern South Dakota, northwest Iowa, and southwest Minnesota, Tetonwana Lodge is 76 years old.

Jul 02, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: A Brotherhood Hike to Remember

Is your lodge looking for a new idea to encourage and promote Brotherhood conversion? Lodges across the country are turning to the nimat programs, using Brotherhood Hikes, as a way to deepen the bonds of brotherhood among Arrowmen who choose to seal their membership in our Order.

Jun 20, 2013   Lodge Ledger