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2019 National Order of the Arrow Officers Elected

Meet the newly elected officers of the Order of the Arrow!

Dec 30, 2018   Live from Dallas
Hackathon 2019

As technology continues evolving, the Order of the Arrow is able to deliver our program in revolutionary ways.

Dec 18, 2018   Live from Dallas, Lodge Ledger
Introducing the new national website

In case you haven't noticed… the national Order of the Arrow (OA) website has been completely redesigned! The OA's communications subcommittee of the national Order of the Arrow committee and its national web team has been working hard for two years to bring this new web experience to Arrowmen across the world.

Jan 04, 2018   Live from Dallas, NPM 2017
SURGE Recognition Device

A committee of Arrowmen primarily from Section W-2W has been working hard for the past two years to develop a program that assists sections, lodges, and chapters with conducting unit elections in those units chartered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

Jan 04, 2018   Live from Dallas, NPM 2017
Order of the Arrow embraces environmental sustainability

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) commenced the integration of sustainability at every level of its organization, promoted through the Sustainability Merit Badge and at the Summit Bechtel Reserve (

2018 National Order of the Arrow Officers elected

Learn more about the new national officers and their thoughts on the year to come.

Jan 04, 2018   Live from Dallas, NPM 2017
What to expect at NOAC 2018

With a return to Indiana University, new conference programs and the introduction of remote delegates, this NOAC has the potential to be one of the Order of the Arrow’s (OA) best national events.

There will be several conference-wide changes this year:

Jan 04, 2018   Live from Dallas, NOAC 2018, NPM 2017
2018 Disaster Relief Efforts

In September 2017, the southeastern United States was struck by two category five hurricanes, Irma and Maria. With winds that reached 175 miles per hour, the storms caused significant damage through coastal flooding, mudslides, and flash floods.

Jan 03, 2018   Live from Dallas, NPM 2017
2018 OA Service Grant Recipients

Since 1999, the National OA Committee has annually selected lodges from each region to receive matching service grants.  For 2018, 27 lodges in councils across the nation were chosen to receive a combined total of $50,000 in matching grants via the OA Service Grant program.

Jan 03, 2018   Live from Dallas, NPM 2017
2017 National Officer Biographies

Meet the Order of the Arrow's 2017 national officers, elected at the 2016 National Planning Meeting in Dallas, TX.

Dec 29, 2016   Live from Dallas, NPM 2016
2017 National Chief Elected

The 2017 national chief and national vice-chief were elected Tuesday evening at the national planning meeting. Congratulations to 2017 National Chief Forrest Gertin, and 2017 National Vice Chief Talon Parker.

Dec 28, 2016   Live from Dallas
The Dallas Experience

An inside look at the National Planning Meeting

Every year, Section Chiefs, members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, and some support staff gather in Dallas for the biggest OA planning event of the year.

Oct 29, 2016   Live from Dallas