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25 Years of OA High Adventure

Spencer Lanning     January 03, 2020     Live from Dallas     NPM 2019

One of the many unique opportunities afforded to Arrowmen that are not otherwise available to youth in Scouting is the Order of the Arrow High Adventure program. This program is offered at every national high adventure base, each with a different trek option. The benefits of Order of the Arrow High Adventure are numerous, from forging friendships that last a lifetime, to creating memories that you’ll never forget, and finally to developing strong leaders within our communities through unique challenges that are faced along the way.

We are excited to have you join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary! This year you can expect to attend a program with the top Arrowmen from across the country and provide exceptional service for the community. In addition, we will also have specialized insignia signifying the 25th anniversary for those who attend during our year of celebration!

Since the first crew began their adventure 25 years ago, Arrowmen from across the nation have enjoyed the ultimate combination of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service that Order of the Arrow High Adventure has provided them. Join these Arrowmen in continuing the legacy by registering for a trek today!

You can now register at: In addition, be sure to check with your lodge, section, and region regarding potential scholarship opportunities.