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Meet Your 2023 National Officers

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Introducing the 2023 National Officers

Meet your 2023 national Order of the Arrow officers! These officers were elected by their fellow section chiefs at the 2022 National Planning Meeting, and each of them is excited to serve the thousands of Arrowmen across hundreds of lodges in the coming year!

2023 National Chief Zach Grinvalsky (he/him)

Zach is a member of Blue Heron Lodge, out of Tidewater Council in Virginia Beach, VA. Before he was elected national chief, Zach served as the section chief of Section E9 and former Section SR-7A. He is also a former two-term lodge chief. Zach is an Eagle Scout, a Vigil Honor member, and a recipient of the Founder's Award and James E. West Fellowship. He attends Tidewater Community College, where he studies business administration and management. A fun fact about Zach is that he enjoys a warm glass of milk on restless nights.

"This year is our chance to propel our spirit into the new era of Scouting that we find ourselves in. I can't wait to meet all the incredible Arrowman that make up the Order that we all call home."

2023 National Vice Chief Grant Kim (he/him)

Grant is a member of Ma-Nu Lodge, out of Last Frontier Council in Edmonton, OK. Before he was elected national vice chief, Grant served as section chief of Section G4 and is a former lodge chief. He is a recipient of the Vigil Honor and Founder's Award, and is an Eagle Scout. After studying finance, insurance, and risk management at the University of Central Oklahoma, he hopes to start his own investment company. Outside of Scouting, he is the lead singer for a Taylor Swift cover band.

"I can not wait to work for the local leaders and create different ways for them to support Arrowmen."

2023 Gateway Region Chief Michael Whitford (he/him)

Michael is a Vigil Honor member of the Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess Lodge in New Mexico. Michael is currently attending the University of New Mexico, studying business administration. Outside of Scouting, he enjoys playing sports, listening to music, and spending time with friends. His past leadership experience truly exemplifies what it means to be an Arrowmen; he has served as the Gateway Region OA High Adventure coordinator, Section G12S chief and vice chief, lodge chief, and a multitude of other positions within his lodge.

"I am proud of the work the Gateway Region section chiefs have done thus far and can't wait to see what else they go on to do this year!"

2023 Eastern Region Chief Matthew Carlson (he/him)

Matthew is a Vigil Honor member of Na Tsi Hi Lodge in New Jersey. Matthew is currently attending Middlesex College, studying engineering science. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, hiking, wrestling, and traveling in his free time. Matthew has taken advantage of all Scouting has to offer by attending various training events, the National Order of the Arrow Conference, OATC, and much more. His favorite memory in the OA was when he attended his very first conclave—where he met two of his closest friends—and watched the closing firework show.

"I am so excited to see all of the opportunities we have as a region to solidify our identity as a region. I cannot wait to be a part of forming the legacy of our Eastern Region."