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NOAC 2020 Remote Delegate Program

  Matthew Kusche       January 03, 2020       Live from Dallas       NPM 2019

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Have you been looking into attending NOAC 2020 only to realize that you are physically just unable to go?

Well, many Arrowmen just like you faced that exact problem in 2018. So, we decided to create an entirely new NOAC experience which allowed those Arrowmen who couldn’t attend, to experience NOAC 2018 from home! This program was called the NOAC Remote Delegate Program. This allowed those who signed up as a remote delegate to get a thrilling NOAC experience right from the comfort of their own home, and best of all, we are bringing this program back for NOAC 2020!

As a NOAC 2020 Remote Delegate, you will be able to enjoy everything that an on-site delegate would get to enjoy, plus more! The cost to attend NOAC as a Remote Delegate will be only $80! Attending as Remote Delegate, this will include the conference memorabilia packet and all program elements:

  • Unique NOAC delegate pack complete with a special remote delegate conference patch that will only be available to Remote Delegates
  • Live broadcasts throughout each day at the conference (a morning broadcast, lunchtime broadcast, and “pre-show” broadcast
  • Live streaming of conference activities throughout each afternoon
  • Live streaming of NOAC evening shows and special broadcasts for remote delegates only
  • Viewership into various NOAC trainings in the mornings
  • A virtual tour of the NOAC museum
  • Various Meet-the-Man sessions with national leadership only accessible by remote delegates
  • Viewing of athletic competitions and various recreational activities from the eyes of an on-site delegate
  • Inside scoops and interviews looking into the planning and delivery of NOAC 2020 from the conference leadership
  • Recorded playback of select activities based on demand
  • Regional group challenges to all remote delegates for various prizes and awards

Cost: $80 per remote delegate