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Centennial Update: Lodge rocks piling up, to be on display along with lids and history books at NOAC

  Michael Kipp             Centennial Update       Centennial 2015

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Every lodge will have a unique display showcased throughout the duration of NOAC in the Legacy Display Tent at The Hub. This will be the first-ever comprehensive history of the Order of the Arrow told from the perspective of individual lodges. Each lodge’s display will be comprised of its legacy lid, history book and legacy rock.

Hundreds of lodge rocks from both active and inactive lodges have been engraved in preparation for a spectacular celebration of our Order’s history. Forever memorializing lodges from across the nation and across time, these lodge legacy rocks will be displayed at our centennial celebration. So far, more than 322 legacy rock orders have been received. As current lodges, members of inactive or merged lodges and volunteers across the nation submit rocks, we move one step closer to completing one of the most significant undertakings of our 100th anniversary.

The Legacy Display concept is unique to NOAC 2015 and is sure to offer reflection, connection and discovery. Many lodges have already prepared these items and they will each play an important role in the activities occurring at NOAC. 

For every lodge to have a complete display, each contingent should bring both its lodge legacy lid and lodge history book. These items will be collected during orientation. Special recognition will be given to each lodge that completes all four milestones of the Legacy Project (rock, lid, history book & wood). In addition, special commemorative recognition will be given to the best rock, lid & history book examples as determined by the national chief & national chairman.

While not part of the Legacy Display itself, lodges should also bring firewood to be placed on the Centennial Fire as part of the Centennial Rededication Ceremony. This wood will be burned and the ashes commingled with ashes from wood collected from all other lodges around the country, the Summit Circle, Brotherhood Barn and Treasure Island Scout Reservation. Participating lodges will leave NOAC with a commemorative, limited-edition vial filled with ash from the Centennial Fire.

Don’t forget to bring these Legacy Project items with you and be a part of this historic celebration! Each and every Arrowman is able to help in this project. Check with your lodge leadership today to see if they are already at work on recognizing the legacy of your lodge. See here for more information on the Legacy Project.