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Centennial Update: ArrowTour Series: Lowanne Nimat Lodge

  Alex Hughes       October 29, 2016       Centennial Update

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With ArrowTour rapidly approaching, lodges across the nation are assembling programs to make their stop on the ArrowTour the once-­in-­a­-lifetime experience that will blow guests away. Lowanne Nimat in the Northeast Region is anything but the exception. Its plans for ArrowTour will have participants engaged to connect, reflect, and discover all afternoon and into the evening.

The activities start when the tour arrives at Camp Woodland. Guests will then see all the amazing displays they plan to feature. There will be a 2-­man power boat display put on by local Sea Scouts, a display from the Marmaduke Trek Center, the William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt Museum and a 2017 National Scout Jamboree display to keep local Arrowmen up­to­date about Scouting programs in the area. Cub Scouts can check out the Remember the Boys in Blue Cub Scout Adventure Center that will feature games, face painting and a bouncy house. Older guests can experience exciting games like OA joust and human foosball, head up to the range to shoot .22 rifles, practice archery or even try their hand at the tomahawk throw. If anyone starts to feel hungry during all of this excitement, they can take a quick break to enjoy local food vendors selling dinner in camp. From patch trading to its stocked trading post, Lowanne Nimat is putting something out there for everyone. The best part about all this lengthy list of incredible program is that it’s not even complete. Lowanne Nimat is still working on even more programs for guests to enjoy at their ArrowTour stop.

Creating such an exciting experience wouldn’t amount to much if no one showed up, but these Arrowmen have that covered as well. They’re featuring the ArrowTour promotional resources front and center on their publications. They’ve got an ArrowTour tab on their website to provide all sorts of information. Most importantly, they’re making sure everyone–all across the area–knows that anyone and everyone is invited. Such promotional activity will be crucial in ensuring Lowanne Nimat provides the best experience possible.

All this effort for just an ArrowTour stop seems like a lot of pressure to put on Lodge Chief Jake Waddington, his lodge executive committee and his lodge’s incredible ArrowTour Chairman John Roosevelt. These Arrowmen, however, see this as a great opportunity.

“The lodge has taken on a lead role with camp improvements and program enhancements. We want Camp Woodland to look perfect for our centennial year,” Waddington said. “From painting cabins to building new structures, and reclaiming camping areas after logging to wiring our training center with state­of­the­art technology, Lowanne Nimat is putting in the service hours to make our centennial celebration everything we want it to be.”

Clearly, these Arrowmen are committed to a high standard of excellence. Waddington also said that Lowanne Nimat views ArrowTour as something everyone can take part in to help better involve themselves in all aspects of the scouting program whether they be a long time member admiring such a storied past, or a Cub Scout on the fence about crossing over into Boy Scouts. These Arrowmen truly understand the potential of ArrowTour and how to use it effectively. Everyone has a role to play in making an ArrowTour stop exceptional, whether they put on a program, promote like crazy or just decide to bring a friend along for the day. We can all make this experience the kind you never can forget.