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Lodge Ledger: OA LodgeMaster 3.0

OA LodgeMaster has recently made an upgrade with version 3.0, with a brand-new and exciting interface. Each lodge in the Order can use this software system to track membership data, leadership positions, event attendances, lodge finances and everything else your lodge needs to be successful.

Apr 13, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Laying the Foundation: Contingent Leader(s) and Contingent Advisers

Although NOAC 2015 is over two years away, planning has already begun because this Conference will also be the celebration of 100 years of the Order of the Arrow. This NOAC is going to be the biggest in the history of the Order, with plans for 10,000 Arrowmen attending.

Apr 13, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: 2012 E. Urner Goodman Camping Award Recipients

The E. Urner Goodman Award was established in 1969 as a tribute and testimonial to the Order's founder. Its purpose is to encourage and challenge Order of the Arrow members and lodges to increase their effectiveness in promoting and increasing Scout camping in each council.

Apr 13, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Section Sentinel: Project 2013

The Order of the Arrow will have our largest participation ever at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree - nearly three times as many staff as previous jamborees going all the way back to 1950. This effort, dubbed "Project 2013," will have a major impact on the Jamboree efforts this year.

Apr 04, 2013   Section Sentinel
Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #1 - Centennial Challenge

Arrowmen arrive at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow ConferenceTo celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow in 2015, plans are be

Mar 27, 2013   Lodge Ledger
Ask the Chairman - Membership Records

Q. Ray,

My friend is being nominated for an award. We would like to put some of her accomplishments in the OA, but aren’t sure who to get the records from.

Thank you for your assistance.

Paul Ann

A. Paul Ann,

Thank you for your note.

Feb 24, 2013   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Brotherhood Letter

Q. Ray,
Our lodge's Vigil selection committee is considering candidates and their accomplishments. Should we use the letter they wrote for Brotherhood in our consideration of Vigil Candidates?


Jan 27, 2013   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Military Commitments

Q. Ray,

Due to military commitments, a member of our lodge is unable to keep his Vigil with us. Can he complete his Vigil at the Lodge where he is stationed in the military or does it have to be his home Lodge?

Very Respectfully,


A. Stephen:

Jan 27, 2013   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Vigil Honor

Q. Ray,

We have encountered some confusion as to when someone can be awarded the Vigil Honor. Are the two years of service required at the time of selection for Vigil or at the time of the Vigil induction ceremony?



A. Hello Mark,

Jan 15, 2013   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Renew my Membership

Q. Good morning Ray.

After many years away from Scouting and OA, the time has come for my son to join. Is there anything that I can or should do to renew my membership in the OA?

I look forward to your response and assistance.


A. Hi, Mike.

Dec 28, 2012   Ask the Chairman
Ask the Chairman - Call-Outs

Q. Our lodge is telling us we cannot do call-outs in our district until the first of June. Is this a national policy?

Sep 09, 2012   Ask the Chairman