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2019 OA Innovation Award Recipients

Many lodges develop creative and innovative solutions to the challenges they face in implementing their annual program plans.

Feb 10, 2020   Lodge Ledger
Join Operation Arrow at the Summit for the 2021 National Jamboree!

As the National Jamboree is fast approaching, so is the opportunity to join fellow Arrowmen to serve as a member of Operation Arrow! By cheerfully serving you’ll have a variety of experiences to choose from, all while contributing to the Scouting program. We hope to see you at the 2021 National Jamboree serving alongside our brothers!

Feb 10, 2020   Lodge Ledger
The Language of the OA to Serve as Primary Resource for OA Terminology

The Language of the OA encompasses style, usage and grammar norms observed by both the Boy Scouts of America and the Order of the Arrow.

Feb 10, 2020   Announcements, Lodge Ledger
Philbreak 2020

As spring approaches the opportunity to register Arrowmen for Philbreak 2020 arises. Throughout the course of the four sessions provided, Arrowmen will be able to give back to Philmont as they prepare it for its summer high adventure season.

Feb 10, 2020   Lodge Ledger
DSA and Red Arrow Award Deadline Reminder

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor those persons who render service to the Order beyond the lodge level. The award is presented to those OA members who render distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, and/or national basis.

Jan 17, 2020   Announcements
25 Years of OA High Adventure

One of the many unique opportunities afforded to Arrowmen that are not otherwise available to youth in Scouting is the Order of the Arrow High Adventure program. This program is offered at every national high adventure base, each with a different trek option.

Jan 03, 2020   Live from Dallas
NOAC 2020

The 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference is quickly approaching this summer from August 3rd-8th.

Jan 03, 2020   Live from Dallas
Meet the newly elected officers of the Order of the Arrow!

Your 2020 National Officers were just recently elected! Over the course of the next year they will be planning NOAC, attending your lodge and section events, staffing NLS, and so much more.

Jan 03, 2020   Live from Dallas
2020 OA Service Grant Recipients

Since 1999, the National OA Committee has annually selected lodges from each region to receive matching service grants.  In 2020, four lodges in councils across the nation were chosen to receive a combined total of $10,900 in matching grants via the OA Service Grant program.

Jan 03, 2020   Live from Dallas
NOAC 2020 Remote Delegate Program

Have you been looking into attending NOAC 2020 only to realize that you are physically just unable to go?

Jan 03, 2020   Live from Dallas
Thrive: A National Effort, A Local Commitment

We left last month's Thrive Webinar excited, empowered, and motivated to lead the OA with a renewed spirit, and to help ensure that the Order of the Arrow thrives for generations to come.

Dec 10, 2019   Lodge Ledger