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Helping Arrowmen Find Their Next Adventure

  Patrick Reynolds             Officer Outlook

Helping Arrowmen Find Their Next Adventure

Is your lodge ready to seek new heights and amazing opportunities with the Order of the Arrow High Adventure program? OAHA provides Arrowmen the ability to search for new adventures and visit breathtaking destinations while having fun and giving service. These adventures go beyond the normal experience, combining fellowship, service, and personal growth. It is crucial to OAHA that lodges and sections inform Arrowmen of these opportunities so that all OA members have the chance to be a part of these experiences.

With all the amazing opportunities that the Order of the Arrow High Adventure program offers, it’s important for lodges and sections to promote it and spread the word. Many Arrowmen may not be familiar with OAHA and the opportunities it provides. Communicating the benefits and the details of the program and encouraging Arrowmen to attend can be challenging. OAHA is meant to bring you out of your comfort zone.

So, how can Arrowmen promote OAHA to their peers? Lowaneu Allanque Lodge Chief Austin M., has the answer. Last summer, Austin attended the OAHA Summit Experience at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Austin was so impressed that he made it his mission to spread the word about OAHA to his fellow Arrowmen in the lodge. Austin shared his experiences, saying, 

“If I had to point out a program that embodied fully the ideals of the Order of the Arrow, it would be Order of the Arrow High Adventure. The quality of the programs offered at each of our high adventure bases is unmatched and can change the course of any Arrowman's life, as it did mine.”

To raise awareness, Austin asked his good friend and fellow Arrowman and OA Trail Crew Foreman, Caitlyn O., to give a presentation at his lodge's winter banquet. In the presentation, he and Caitlyn highlighted their own experiences with OAHA and all the benefits available. They spoke about the reduced costs, opportunities provided by OAHA, and the ability to plan your adventures and meet fellow Arrowmen from all across the country while giving cheerful service. Austin and Caitlyn shared their stories in a creative and clear way that left an impact on the listener.

Caitlyn presents at her lodge's winter banquet about her experience as an OATC Foreman. Presenting about OAHA at lodge events is a great way to share first-hand testimonies.

Order of the Arrow High Adventure is an amazing experience, and we should all work hard to spread the word. Yes, promotion can be a challenge, but by taking a creative approach like Austin did — being clear, concise, and interactive — the audience will be left with a positive outlook. When it comes to OAHA, we need to remember not to just tell people about how it's amazing but why it's amazing. Find people who have gone and experienced this and have them share their stories. OAHA is something special to the OA. When you want to get the word out, it's important to take a new approach and not just tell people about how good OAHA is but to tell them why.

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