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Promotional Resources

The following resources have been developed to aide chapters, lodges, sections, and regions in the promotion of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs. Please use the following links to browse the updated OAHA resources.



OAHA Yearbook

Beginning with the 2018 edition, the OAHA Foreman Alumni Association publishes a yearbook to highlight the successes of OAHA programs, stories from the summer, alumni accomplishments, and best practices to promote the program.

Best Practices


  • Your lodge and Section should appoint an Order of the Arrow High Adventure Chairman whose sole duty is to promote and interact with Arrowmen regarding opportunities to participate. On-on-one interactions are the best way to promote. Connection with personal experience stories encourage participation.
  • Create a special lodge patch for lodge members that participate in OAHA
  • Encourage two friends to go together so they know someone that is attending. Recruitment is much easier than when someone is traveling alone.
  • Have OAHA booths with past participants from the lodge at every Lodge/Section function. This is essential to keeping OAHA at the top of everyone’s to-do list
  • Establish OAHA reunions at Section Conclaves
  • Create a Parent letter with resources to help parents understand the benefits of OAHA participate and ease their minds to the risks of their Scout travelling. Support from the Lodge Adviser and Lodge Staff Adviser or Scout Executive can encourage Arrowmen to attend and their ease concerns of their parents.
  • Ambitious Sections wanting to promote OA High Adventure at Conclave in a big way can add an “Adventure Village” as a program area during conclave. Offer training about OAHA programs, conservation, and unique outdoor adventures. The real key to a successful village is hands on games and challenges reminiscent of the sort of activities you could do at a base. For example: flipping canoes/portage obstacle courses, how many pushups can you do with a hiking backpack, sustainability challenges, and more. Contact the OA High Adventure team and we might just be able to put you in touch with past foremen and participants who would love to come help. Make it fun and exciting just like high adventure!


  • Put together a limited edition framed set of the lodge flaps and sell them for $100 to fund the scholarship program. Use these funds to fund or reimburse participant’s transportation costs.
  • Lodge or Section Scholarships can ease the burden of registration fees and travel. Encourage establishment of a scholarship fund from auction or other funds to help Arrowmen fund the already low cost of OAHA
  • Ask adult Arrowmen to donate directly to help pay for a young Scout’s registration for OAHA.

With your Council

  • Involve your council camps in establishing mini high adventure-type programs such as a trail crew experience or an off-site canoe float where Arrowmen get to try out what they would experience at one of the High Adventure Bases. This will promote not only OAHA but keep older scouts coming back to camp.
  • The lodge could establish a cache of camping equipment that can be borrowed or rented for OAHA. Items such as backpacks, sleeping bags/pads, rain gear, wet bags, mosquito netting etc. This helps those that may not have all the necessary equipment but still want to attend OAHA. Preparing for your High Adventure Are you looking for ways to prepare for an upcoming OA High Adventure experience? Here are a few quick tips to help get you started. Physical conditioning, be prepared for the challenges that you’ll face on trail. If you’re doing Philmont or Summit try going out of your way to use the stairs a few times every day, a brisk pace will help build lung capacity. For Northern Tier think about doing a few canoe trips with your troop or family and friends, look for some of Northern Tiers online videos to practice picking up canoes. For Sea Base start preparing to deal with sun and heat. And most importantly if you have any questions contact the director for your program of choice and they’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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