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OA Summit Experience

OA Summit Experience Program

The Order of the Arrow Summit Experience program is an experience like no other! For eight days, you will join together with Arrowmen from around the country and experience all that the Summit in West Virginia has to offer!

Four days of the program will be focused on building or maintaining trail around the Summit Bechtel Reserve and the New River Gorge National River area. The remainder of the experience will revolve around whitewater rafting, along with mountain biking, climbing, and participation in other Summit activities. Participants will not only build trail, but also bonds of brotherhood as they start their high adventure journey.

The program is designed to entice younger Arrowmen to participate in OA High Adventure. Lodges and Chapters are encouraged to participate as a crew! Arrowmen ages 14 but not yet 18 will have the opportunity to explore all that the Summit has to offer in terms of adventure, brotherhood, and cheerful service.

OA Summit Experience Requirements

To attend the Order of the Arrow Summit Experience program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 14 years of age by the day your program begins, but not yet 18 by its conclusion.
  • Be physically fit, able to lift and handle materials up to 50 lbs. (Summit height and weight guidelines will be strictly enforced.)
  • Participants must also be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America and an Order of the Arrow Lodge.
  • A complete physical examination in required. (BSA's Health and Medical Record will be sent to those who are accepted.)

There are no exceptions to these rules. Selection for the Summit Experience program is both an honor and a privilege.

OA Summit Experience Resources

The following resources have been developed to aid Arrowmen in the selection and successful attendance of the OA Summit Experience program.