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Triple Crown

Triple Crown Patch

A special limited-edition patch is available for Arrowmen who attend the OA Wilderness Voyage or OA Canadian Odyssey programs at Northern Tier in Ely, MN; the OA Trail Crew program at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM; the OA Ocean Adventure program at Florida Sea Base in Islamorada, FL; or the OA Summit Experience program at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Bradley, WV.

Members seeking to achieve the OA Triple Crown Award can complete any three of the five OAHA programs as long as they do so at three separate bases. These Arrowmen are also expected to give a presentation about their experiences at a lodge or section event encouraging others to participate. Afterwards, they should submit an OA Triple Crown Application. After verifying attendance, the Arrowmen will receive a patch set recognizing this accomplishment. The patch set will consist of a universal center patch surrounded by three "rockers" to signify the three programs completed.

Eligible members may apply for the Triple Crown Award by filling out this application form.