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Making a great ceremonial team

Ceremonialists are a unique group of Arrowmen. If you walk through every council camp, you will likely not find a lodge ceremony ring identical or a team that performs the same way.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Occoneechee Lodge Black Friday Contest

Last fall, Occoneechee Lodge held a unique contest, where its respective chapters embarked on a battle to see which chapter could get the most members signed up for its section conclave first. The competition started shortly before Thanksgiving when registration opened for the conclave.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: National Awards Recognize Arrowmen Throughout History

From July 16th, 2014 to December 31st, 2015, youth and adult Arrowmen will be able to commemorate our organization’s centennial by working to complete the Arrowman Service Award, also known as the “sash patch.” Indeed, the Order of the Arrow has a long history of awards for exemplary service to t

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Woapalanne Lodge reignites ceremonies tradition

Ceremonies have been known as the foundation for the Order of the Arrow since its beginning. With the loud drum and the bellowing sounds of song echoing in the trees, ceremonies are a time for both new members and long-time Arrowmen to come together.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Centennial anniversary events

This year, every Arrowman has the chance to earn the Arrowman Service Award.

Oct 29, 2016   Centennial 2015, Lodge Ledger
Sending Delegates to Another Lodge's Function

Visiting events of other lodges can be very advantageous. In the workplace and elsewhere, collaboration is widely seen as the quickest way to innovation. Owen Clapp of Occoneechee Lodge led a delegation to an event of neighboring Nawakwa Lodge. “We’re all unified under one arrow,” Clapp said.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Ideas for Your Next Fall Event

Whether your lodge has a spring or fall fellowship, new activities are always a great way to get Arrowmen out to the event and can trigger new traditions that the lodge will do for years to come.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Going For Gold: Tips For Winning ‘Quest’-Style Competitions

As conclave season starts to wind down, many Arrowmen look back with fondness to the various events and activities, most likely still trying to decide what their favorite was. Many land on the quest competitions and the gold trophy that their lodge may have brought home.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Journey to Excellence program to change in 2015

Since 2012, Journey to Excellence (JTE) has been used to help lodges evaluate their performance, plan for the future and develop better, more effective programs.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Redefining excellence in Section NE-1

Anyone who has spent time in the Order of the Arrow knows that it is designed to be a youth-led organization. In order for the Scouting program to be successful, it needs to have quality youth who serve as trained leaders given the proper tools to succeed.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger