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Malibu Lodge hosts spooky fundraiser

Many lodges across the country have different traditions for raising money to host activities for their members. Some have Christmas tree lots during the holidays and others hold spaghetti dinners. Some lodges, however, have less traditional and more unique traditions for raising funds.

Mar 23, 2017   Lodge Ledger
Making sense of JTE

The Journey to Excellence (JTE) program helps lodge officers measure their lodge’s performance and steer the local Order of the Arrow (OA) program to stay on track with our national mission.

Mar 15, 2017   Lodge Ledger
Making JTE work for you

The Journey to Excellence (JTE) is a thrilling expedition that has been crafted to help lodges continually improve their previous accomplishments. With a new year ahead, this is the prime time to take a look at your lodge's JTE data from last year and plan ahead for the future. 

Mar 15, 2017   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Success Stories: Reaching Gold

The Journey to Excellence (JTE) program was created by the Order of the Arrow (OA) a few years ago, and its purpose is to focus on the success and improvement of lodges. In order for my home lodge, Skyuka Lodge, to succeed in JTE, we go through several processes and program additions.

Mar 15, 2017   Lodge Ledger
Mar 12, 2017   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Changes coming to Journey to Excellence program

The Order of the Arrow began the implementation of Journey to Excellence in 2012. Due to its incorporation into the lodge recharter process, every lodge in the Order participated in the past year's JTE program.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Top ten tips for unit elections season

The information on this page may not reflect the changes to the Order of the Arrow membership requirements effective February 1, 2019.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Lodge Ledger: Updates from the NEXT onsite

Recently, the key leadership team for the 2016 national program of emphasis, NEXT: A New Century, gathered at Indiana University Bloomington to complete the NEXT planning process.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger, NEXT 2016
Lodge Ledger: Talking trash - Arrowmen adopt a road

Seeking a way to serve the community, the Old Dominion Chapter of Amangamek Wipit Lodge in the National Capital Area Council found it right on the side of the road.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger
Making a great ceremonial team

Ceremonialists are a unique group of Arrowmen. If you walk through every council camp, you will likely not find a lodge ceremony ring identical or a team that performs the same way.

Oct 29, 2016   Lodge Ledger